Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Maple City Mayor Visits Pearl Street

   Ogdensburg Mayor Bill Nelson stopped by Fort Pearl this evening as he was in town for some calling hours.
    Hizzoner and I caught up on last year's elections and on what is going on in our cities. Mayor Nelson is also President of the NY Conference of Mayors, so I got some of the scoop on things at that level too.
Mayor Visits Fort Pearl
   We talked about his race last year....about the new city manager in the 'burg and about the common issues facing us all on the budget front. His City Council just approved a new budget.
    Mayor Nelson says he enjoys his post and harbors no further political ambitions other than the good work he does in the sleepy riverside city.


Anonymous said...

Did he mention he is spending he fund balance to keep down the tax rate? He'd better aspire to something, because he ain't going to br mayor much longer!

Anonymous said...

Sleepy riverside city?? hyberbole ?? More like Moribund ,or the lesser partner in a Tale of Two cities ??

Sleepy, i think not . Perhaps laden with unfulfilled potential due to lack of a compelling and energizing vision and foresight is more accurate descriptor.

The Burg sold itself short by focusing on prisons , perv resorts and now an entrenched drug culture

Jeff Graham said...

I think the Mayor does a good job....The Maple City should be pleased at the value they get for their $7,000 a year....

Anonymous said...

You neither live here nor pay taxes here nor endure the social decay that abounds here.

This city is a mess and the mayors pay has NOTHING to do with it . We have not seen any improvement in Conditions , much the opposite has occurred.

We have gotten sub optimal results for the 16 yrs of this administration . Economic development has been abysmal, quality of life related issues have not been addressed and resolved . Our future is marginal and our young talent leaves in droves after they graduate. The city is in deplorable condition and is a laughing stock .Many professionals have relocated outside of the city limits in an effort to escape the degradation that has taken over our streets

Anonymous said...

The comments imade earlier are nott a reflection of our representatives as people . As people they are fine and probably mean well and are personable yet Ogdensburg does not seem to progress as other communities along the river . We all would be very supportive of ANY positive development to actually solve many of the long standing problems .

it is just an observation that substantive meaningful positive progress has not been made in many important quality of life issues .

Deteriorating neighborhoods , lack of strong enforcemnt of housing stock quality and lack of new housing and drug related crime have all been continual problems . the situation just never seems ro improve and that is a shame .

Anonymous said...

Do not blame the Mayo for the bad economy...this is a sign of the times. It is difficult to create economic growth at this day and age. As far as spending all the fund balance... that is not the truth. The city has a healthy fund balance. Count your lucky stars the City has been conservative over the years and not facing increases such as that of St Lawrence County. And, Mayor Graham is correct, I think the City is getting a good deal for the small amount of money he receives.