Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Lots in the News, But My Duties as a Good Driver Mean Limited Blogging Till Evening

/    Lots going on today to comment on.....North Koreans fire a missile...More fiscal cliff talks as Speaker John Boehner attempts to negotiate against a President emboldened by an election win and a business community anxious to  court his favor.  Meanwhile, Mr. Boehner deals with a GOP caucus now mixed with many still strident against any tax hike while others are anxious to cave and hope to fight another day.
      Michigan is now a right to work state...Who would have thought ?
      But for me, its a busy day of driving, as I leave the Tar Heal State for the trip back to Watertown after an enjoyable visit with my Mom and brother Bruce who live here in the Cary, NC area.  Had a great time with nice weather and best Christmas present...being with family to celebrate.'
     Now, its back to the North Country for the rest of the holidays.
     While I will keep up with events by listening to radio on the way home, there's no way I can blog and drive at the same time.....Actually, I can by stopping at a McDonald's in Winchester, VA I updated at 9:45AM.  Straight shot on I-81 from here.
      With that said, have  a good Wednesday and I will check back in when home.
       All the best.
Michigan Governor Signs Laws Limiting Unions -


Anonymous said...

The Michigan situation is about money and jobs. That place is an economic wasteland, with its Donkey Gov and all the corruption. They are simply trying to survive. Puts a new spin on Obama's great "win" now don't it? How could such a thing happen so soon after a landslide? OMG and all that.

Anonymous said...

Glad you had the opportunity to be with your family ,that is what makes the holidays so enjoyable !! Safe trip , enjoy the scenery