Saturday, December 1, 2012

Long Island Pols Ponder Drinking Age for Energy Drinks

    There was a time long long ago when Long Island was a conservative bastion outside the influences of the City of New York with all its nanny state liberalism...Increasingly, folks in Suffolk County have become the most nanny-like, now considering establishing a 19 year old drinking age for energy drinks.

     Concern over the caffeine boost is driving the call for a drinking age for high test soda pop.  Wonder how it will be enforced ?  Will there be a Suffolk County Sugary Drink Authority with all sorts of patronage jobs ?
     If this is going to happen, make it 21 like alcohol. Its easier to enforce. Whatever age it is teens will get their Red Bull.  I mean really, if an 18 year old standing outside the Nice n' Easy asks you to buy them a Monster, are you going to turn them down ? 
      You shouldn't, but once you are caught in a soda sting and charged with endangering the welfare of a child and have your name all over the Internet, you would think twice about buying it...and you certainly wouldn't allow your kids friends over for a sleepover and let them have a sugary drink. CPS would be a knockin' in no time.
      I'm glad I came of age in an era when there was a modicum of freedom left.

Teens blast proposal to enact minimum drinking age for energy drinks | Mail Online


Anonymous said...

Before we ban all the adult children from drinking adult beverages or smoking or drinking energy drinks...we should ban them from voting. They just demonstrated that they are not adult enough to make intelligent responsible decisions when it comes to voting.

Anonymous said...

Amen to 3:38 pm.

As to the drink ban, you ain't seen nothin' yet compared to what's going to happen in the next few years. This country has gone completely "around the bend" over the last ten years or so. The dumbing down of America has been accomplished beyond the wildest dreams of even the most ardent socialists alive. IF this country ever recovers, and I'm not sure it will, (no other democracy, republic or empire ever has) our grandchildren will be very, very lucky to see it in their lifetime.

Anonymous said...

Easy to poopoo the monster drinks and their ilk,but the truth is there are a lot of people dying or being hospitalized over their unregulated use.Apparently you are insensitive or totally ignorant of the effects of these products,and marihuana which you also minimalize here.Even though there is no denying mj use leads to harder drugs,but that's okay as long as it doesn't affect you, right?Being Mayor means being a leader,rather than a self promoter who allows stuff like this to go on without comment,or worse espousing it..

Anonymous said...

If you are stupid enough to drink a half dozon of the things a day, you deserve just what you get.

You stick your arm into a running corn picker and get your arm ripped off, it's nobody's fault but your own, is it?

You warm your kid not to stick his head in a lions mouth and he does it anyway, it's his own responsibility for the consquences, now, isn't it?

Same with drugs. The info that this stuff ain't good for you has been out there for 50 years. All the worthless, screwed up junkies around are pretty good evidence that the warnings are true. If you choose to ignore all of this and use them, well, your choice, dumbazz. You deserve everything that happens to you with no sympathy from anyone.

I know it's an outdated phrase not much used these days, but it's called "personal responibility for ones actions". What a concept!

Anonymous said...

1:08 hit it right on the head! You did it, not any government agency. Regarding the 'Junkies,' all the free hard drugs they can enjoy. Then they will die and the world will be a safer place.