Thursday, December 27, 2012

WDT: Let's Run Government Like a Business,But Not Too Quickly

     Republicans always say government ought to be run like a business, and the GOP led County of Jefferson (13-2) is going to start accepting credit and debit cards in 2013.
      It's actually a Democratic Treasurer who is instituting the change, but that shouldn't bother the Party of Lincoln.
      That put's the county only nine years behind my business in using plastic and about on par with kid's lemonade stands who are likely using card validators attached to their cell phones.  In fact local florists and stereo shops have used credit cards for a long time as well.
Watertown Daily Times | Jefferson County to accept debit and credit cards next year


Anonymous said...

Since the people paying the government have no choice but to pay, I wonder if a business would opt to accept credit cards complete with those expensive processing fees, if they were not forced to by competitors.

Will the governmnet pass the processing costs along to all the customers like businesses do, or will they charge a surcharge to the credit card users?

Anonymous said...

This fiscal cliff thing is hilarious. Just think of all the big tax increases we will all see. Except, of course, for those people who are exempted due to their preferred status as ex war heroes, government employees, etc. I absolutely love it. I'm glad I'm a millionaire. Or something like that.

Anonymous said...

you can't hide cc purchases as easily....

Dan Francis said...

That line "government should be run like a business" is patently bogus ... businesses run on profit margin basis and rightly so ... government does not.

So, which business model should government follow: Enron, Goldman Sachs, AIG, Bear-Stearns, et al???

Government is supposed to work for the general public's good; not profits, and board member recommendations or stockholders' fears and hopes.

Anonymous said...

Danny, unfortunately our governments are largely run by your party and thus use practices from all those defunct companies in your list. But the one you missed that democrats emulate the most was Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC