Saturday, December 29, 2012

Latest Hate Crime Doesn't Require a Bushmaster...Just a Push Master

    What law can we pass to stop this latest fad among the homicidal,the crazies, and the haters ? A 31 year old woman who told police she hates Hindus and Muslims pushed a Queens man in front of the No. 7 train and killed him.
     Long before this, I was never one to stand near the edge of the platform till the train got there. I don't need to be first on that bad.
Woman charged with murder as hate crime after shoving man in front of subway -


Anonymous said...

Hmph...why would anyone hate Hindus.

Anonymous said...

I hate stupid sluts who push people into moving trains without finding out what her religion is!

Anonymous said...

Ban trains, no more subways!! Oh wait... ;-)

Injury Lawyer NYC said...

I often keep my distance from the edge of the platform as well. I'd hate to loose my balance and fall into a train without being pushed.Some subway systems around the world are actually being retrofitted with safety systems to cut down on push-deaths (and accidents and suicides). So why not New York City? Last year, 146 people were struck by subway trains in New York City. Of those, 47 were killed. That amounts to one accident every 2.5 days, many of which would conceivably have been prevented by a feature now widely used around the world.