Friday, December 7, 2012

Jacintha Saldanha: Family's grief at 'suicide' of nurse who transferred DJs' hoax Kate Middleton hospital call | Mail Online

   A stupid radio hoax by a pair of Aussie DJs turned terribly sour when the butt of their joke committed suicide after being embarassed by the phony phone call.
    A nurse tending to Princess Kate was duped into thinking Buckingham Palace was on the line and she relayed information about Kate's hospital stay. Turns out it was a hoax.
DJ Mel Greig Was In on Tragic Hoax

     It was all very funny til the veteran nurse....humiliated and shamed....took her own life. Real funny.
Jacintha Saldanha: Family's grief at 'suicide' of nurse who transferred DJs' hoax Kate Middleton hospital call | Mail Online


Idi Amin Duda said...

Well she got the last word in the whole mess.

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna call Ray in the bay and trick him into telling me the status of someone else's auto parts. Then we play the waiting game...

I don't blame a DJ when someone decides to off themselves over getting duped on the phone.

Anonymous said...

Too MANY really stupid asses sit behind microphones !

Anonymous said...

It is never alright to make fun out of someone else missfortune or that the person is just trusting.

For Special people, who like to make fools out of others for the amuesment or rating numbers, should have concenses on their actions.

This people are the first ones who cry wolf if someone plays a prank on them.

There is always a risk that a prank goes wrong and it has met the wrong person , who might be violent or depressiv or just sensitiv or just has another honor code as our western society concering honor and dignity and respect.
Wasn't this nurse from India?

Words and thoughtlessm heartless actions can hurt too.

At least this journalists should have let the nurse at the end of the phonecall know, that this was a prank and ask for her permission to air the call.

This nurse has peronalrights too
If I where the husband I would ge me the best lawyer and get wgat ever they can out of this radiostation and their heartless talkers.

This nurse was not used to be in the puplic eye or was a person of interest, so she really did not deserve and was not just to be the but of a joke.

From what I have read in other blogs, this is not the first time that they embarresed people.
For example they try to persue a 12 year old girl to talk about her sex live and her sexual dreams.
This is child abuse in my case.

New Year said...

so much media thinks its ok to humiliate people then say its ok your on blah blah,oh look you messed yourself on blah blah,when your embarrassed or humiliated or scared to death its not funny,but they make their money selling your pain