Friday, December 14, 2012

In Final Tally, Vote for Gay Marriage Costs 3 Republicans -

       It may be coincidence, as elections are determined by many factors, but in incumbent-  friendly Albany,three of the four GOP senators who voted for same sex marriage last year are headed out of office.
      Only one, Senator Mark Grisanti from the Buffalo area got reelected.
While attitudes on SSM are changing, most pols are not looking to have to take a stand on what is a 50/50 issue. Usually they can stay inside the safety of the caucus where the leaders do all the talking and take the heat.
     This was one of those issues you couldn't do that on.
      As for Senator Grisanti, he took voters minds off SSM when he got involved in that brawl inside and Indian casino a year or so ago.
In Final Tally, Vote for Gay Marriage Costs 3 Republicans -


Anonymous said...

While it was a 50/50+/- issue overall, it was never a 50/50 issue within the Republican base. Hell it is not that safe even in the democratic base.

If you consider how much this election cycle was swayed by Obama-chosen-one-racist-voter-turn-out and ACRON cheating, what would have happened to those republicans in a normal election year?

They likely would have one in spite of their trading gay marriage vote for free stuff.

Anonymous said...

Too bad these folks lost because they took a stand. The questions are: How were they beaten, and who beat them? If they were forced into primary elections by the right wing, then that is simply more bad news for the Republican Party. No wonder the Democrats took over the State Senate.

Anonymous said...

The Donkeys took over the Senate because NY is moving more and more towards a welfare state. We give stuff away. Workers leave the state. Simple enough, even for partisan fools. 'Cept most of them have good government jobs so they don't care.