Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I Love NY Bureacracy

      I spent a half an hour on hold today waiting to talk to someone from the Department of State about an assumed name certificate I mailed back on November 7 and the check hasn't been cashed...I assume it was lost in a great pile in the capital.
     The lady I got on the phone was very nice even though she couldn't find my filing. She did explain how I could re-file by fax and how to pay by card. So I downloaded that form and checked the box for "expedited" service at an extra fee.  They also had "same day" and "two hour" expedited fees, but they were too pricey.
     We will see how this works.
      This is what I get for doing things by the book......Still cheaper than paying a lawyer three or four hundred bucks to type up a form.
       I think Governor Cuomo has to start telling his employees to open letters and deposit checks right away...That's how its done in the real world.


Anonymous said...

As I recall, that is not how it was done in the City Parks & Rec. Dept.

Anonymous said...

808 HAHAHA!!! You have the best comeback of the year!!!! I applaud you!!!