Thursday, December 6, 2012

I-781 to Fort Drum opens today | NCPR News

    A nearly $60M connector road from I-81 to Fort Drum opens today, although a more formal dedication involving the Governor is expected in the coming weeks.

   I-781 is suppose to ease the flow of traffic from 81 into the post, although its high cost is a little staggering. This is the first three number Interstate spur north of Syracuse, but it's not likely there will be anymore limited access highways built.
    I-781 to Fort Drum opens today | NCPR News


Anonymous said...

They really screwed up by not putting half a cloverleaf in there. 781 to rt11 north without crossing traffic should have been a no brainer. And rt11 south should of been able to get onto base by 781 without crossing traffic too.

And there was no reason to limit access when crossing 37 or any other road. It is such a giant improvement over 342 that no one would notice exits. 'Cept maybe the 342 busineses.

Ray said...

It will just ad to the already crazy time coming through there at around 5:30 pm when Drum gets out. It is like a race way now on the other exit. Not that it is bad that many people work on the post, but get a clue people! Be a little more of a human being when you pull out onto 81. I get over to the left as to allow them to come out and most of them shift right into you because they can't get up to 90 as the leave. Don't get me started on the morn. show.

ray lear said...

As bad as I don't want to say I was wrong. I was wrong. The whole thing worked real nice. Cars left into 81 very well.