Sunday, December 2, 2012

Hungry Dolphin "Traumatizes" Youngster as Parents Videotape It for Posterity

        When you read this account of a dolphin biting a little girl at Sea World in Florida, you can just imagine the lawsuit.  An eight year old whose "favorite" animals are dolphins who is mentally traumatized after the animal lunged up out of the water and grabbed her arm.
      Of course the kid was holding a tray used to hold fish people were throwing to the dolphins...and she was told repeatedly not to pick up the tray. Seems to me the kid got a lesson in following instructions and in being cautious around wild animals.
Honey, Hold These Fish While Mommy Gets Evidence
   The parents say they are not looking to sue, but by going to the media, they will surely get calls from helpful attornies. Their friends will tell them they should sue.
The parents will surely angle for a settlement. Who wouldn't like an extra, say 20 or 30 grand, just for a little bite mark from Flipper ?

Girl, 8, bitten by dolphin at SeaWorld | News - Home

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