Monday, December 10, 2012

Holiday Visit

        I had a nice visit Sunday with my mom, Doris Farrell, at her home Morrisville, NC. My brother Bruce took the picture while he and his wife Suzie were visiting.
It took a while to drive to a state carried by Romney, but here I am.  It was 36 degrees when I left Watertown and 68 when I got here.
        Councilwoman Roxanne Burns will be filling in on the HOTLINE today, so don't feel abandoned on America's favorite noontime talk show.
Leaning on the Breakfast Bar
    There is no City Council meeting this week due to the spirit of holiday comity sweeping the body.   I am updating here courtesy of WiFi at the nearby McDonald's and I have to head back to Mom's for breakfast and read the morning paper. (News and Observer).
     I did read on-line that Councilwoman Macaluso had a fender bender on Saturday.  So, you see I do keep on the hometown news.


Anonymous said...

tell your mom and all, we said Merry Christmas from the the old country up here.

Anonymous said...

People down there actually have jobs and stuff. So they would vote for a guy who didn't stand for handouts to the bums. Good for them.