Friday, December 14, 2012

Hank Johnson forswears the word ‘midget’ - - The Washington Post

        You can't say "midget" anymore. Jot that down with the many other references no longer allowed, even if the reference is just metaphorical and not malicious.
        Rep. Hank Johnson of Georgia used the work "midget" during debate on the House floor...The kind of debate no one watches anyway and his use of the word was benign.
        He was forced to apologize, as it was pointed out to him that "midget" is the new "N-word".
        Sounds like some mental midgets at play, but I know how quickly the media and the victim industry will jump you for an obscure reference.
Hank Johnson forswears the word ‘midget’ - In the Loop - The Washington Post


Anonymous said...

Danny types have no idea who Hank Johnson is and don't know if he is a democrat or a republican. So they don't know if this is an honest use of the word or a racists comment. You should always put an R or a D after a politicians name.

How do J-School experts come up with their rules for what information to include in a story and what they can skip because everyone already knows it?

You can find Hank's picture and see he is black so now we know he is a democrat. But still...even Wikipedia doesn't tell what party he is in, unless you look at the side profile.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to jump on an obscure reference like Mental Midget, especially if you are a Motor Moron.

Just an observation.

Anonymous said...

I find his whole statement deplorable. As a person of unusually great size, he needs to issue an apology for using the G-word!!! For that matter, I finde his use of "cage" and "fight" offensive. He needs to correct his statement as follows:

“What happens when you put a person of unusually great size with a little person in a boxlike enclosure having wires or bars to have an angry argument."