Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A First Lady Doesn't Have to be Married to the President

    If Andy Cuomo beats the odds and makes it to the White House, his unmarried partner shouldn't be much of an issue....The template has been made in France where newly elected President Francois Hollande has his gal pal Valerie Trierweiler living with him in the official residence.
     France's new First Lady has a great story as the fifth of six kids in a family growing up in public housing. She is a twice divorced mother of three and is catching no heat for living with the President.
France's First Lady Valerie Trierweiler Interview - Valerie Trierweiler Twitter Reputation - ELLE


Anonymous said...

To this interessting article I want to add the story of some German Politicans:

The former chancellor of Germany Gerhard Schroeder 1998-2005, got married four times, and divorced his third wife and first Lady of the German State of Lower Saxony during his reelection campagne.
The joke was the reason why he used a Audi as his car, was because the brandsign has four rings.

The new Praesident of Germany Joachim Gauck is now a former DDR Lutheranion Pastor who was in the DDR Residance.
He is estranged from his wife since a couple of years and in relationship with a Lady who is also a journalist.
She is the one who lives with him in Berlin in the Palace of the President, and travels with him when he visits other country

The President in Germany has no political power, but is the Representative for the Country.

The Powerlady and Chancellor is Angela Merkel, who by the way has no children.
Her Secretary of State is since 2005 Guido Westerwelle who is homosexuell and he often travels to political meetings with his partner/ husband.

A lot of people in Germany do not approve or like the live style of some of their representatives.

But they believe that privat life should be privat and is non of their business and it is not a qualification or disqualification for political office - only their work experience and action is.

Anonymous said...

Cuomo has no chance of making it to the White House. Too many people around the nation know what NY is all about. Now if he were the first Semi Black or the first Fake Indian or the First something or other that might work. He's really just a guy who had a famous dad.

Anonymous said...

In a state with no Americans left in it..

Anonymous said...

Cuomo has VERY little chance of ever being elected in a national race. NYS has way too much baggage and is the epicenter for dysfunctional government in the Northeast .The 3 guys in a room gig still continues and would be a major drag on any campaign across the nation .

Nope he is toast ! Hillary would whip his behind in a primary .

Anonymous said...

I sure hope you are right, but Andy has very little respect for the Constitutional Rights of the citizens of this counrty. In these days and times that would make him an ideal candidate for the office of President of the United States.

Anonymous said...

That's true, 9:10, a dicktator seems to be the hot item these days. Give the dumbasses some stuff and tell them someone else will pay some other time maybe and they giggle away. I'm with ya.

Anonymous said...

Why are we compared to other countries in a conversation of whether the President should be married? I prefer to compare us with us. What the foreigners do is there doing.

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