Sunday, December 30, 2012

Ford creates a 100 mpg Fusion...If You Like Spending More

      Going green continues to be expensive and without subsidy from the rest of us will not happen. The latest energy savings deal is a 100mpg Ford Fusion coming out. It will sell for about $40K, roughly twice what a gas powered Fusion costs.  Fuel savings over five years are estimated at about $6K, meaning its not worth buying unless you like the novelty.

      Then there's the matter of resale value and maintenance costs, which could be high for new, exotic technologies.
       Its like solar and wind...Neat technology if you have the rest of us paying for it.
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Anonymous said...

Does that "6K savings" figure in the cost of your increased electric bill from charging those batteries? I'll wager not. And another thing. Do the greenie-weenies take into account that the vast maojrity of electricity in this country is produced by oil or coal?

Anonymous said...

At least its not an ObamaCar. In other words, something WE had to pay for with our taxes. Fords are like that. They did it on their own. NO GM for me, ever. Foreign or Ford.

ray lear said...

BUT, they did take the free money first. They just played it down real good. Look back. Just before all the companies hit bad days, they took a federal loan to re-tool factory lines to make smaller cars. Yes they were smart to do so. It helped them get ahead of the curve and they could play the fact they didn't step in for money when the other two did. Smart PR. But they still took free money. In fact I think theirs was a grant, so they never paid anything back. Still they employed several thousands, so in my book that's cool.

Ford was smart to make it look like hey refused the help, because they didn't need help. They already got it. They just realized small cars had to be the way, way before the others. I think hey always deserved more of a pat on the back. But, they did get money. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure about that, Ray. But I'll look into it. They got no where near the bailout deals GM did. I'm doubting your story. What years did this "aid" take place?