Friday, December 28, 2012

Final Results...Obama Win by Three and Only Two States Changed

Who Won The Popular Vote In 2012?


Anonymous said...

59,782,295 votes? Why that is close to extinction if I ever knew extinct! The GOP should just fold up the tent and quit. Or else embrace everything they stand against and drop everything they stand for.

Imagine how the race would come out if we did not have 24/7/365 of the MSN and late night and SNL and the View and NYtimes telling us how terrible Mitt was. And yet we still cast 60,000,000 votes for him.

Imagine how the race would come out if ACORN, Middle Class Mike and guys named José Rodríguez were only allowed to vote once.

Anonymous said...

Ah - The View . . . . where the President of the United States went instead of a United Nations brief! The fat ugly broads are better at getting votes than real people! What a country.

Anonymous said...

7:34: Time for a NEW Year's Resolution to take up a new hobby. Politics and blogging are not making you a happy person. Perhaps Yoga?

Anonymous said...

According to his son and inner circle confidant, Tagg Romney… “he (Mitt) wanted to be President less than anyone I’ve met in my life. He had no desire to…run…”

In retrospect, if we can safely assume, that Tagg is not the pathological liar that his father is, maybe we can also assume it was the people around Mitt and his gullible supporters that were sold out by his pathetic and half-hearted run for the Presidency.

hermit thrush said...

your link is out of date, mr. mayor. the latest results on huffpo are here: obama 51.0%, romney 47.3%.

how poetic that, rounded to whole numbers, romney ended up with 47% of the vote.

Anonymous said...

It makes sense to me, Limwit. That's about how many people are left who actually work. 47%. That's why we have an unworkable budget and a prezidint who lies like he does. It couldn't happen without dumbasses, takers, and a media that will repeat anything to gain access to the rectum of the Chosen One. Course they'd have to fight their way by you first.