Monday, December 3, 2012

Dicker: GOP Plans Court Delays to Keep Control If Only for a Time

    It's the Albany way....Fred Dicker reports on a secret GOP plan to keep up court challenges in two close but likely losing efforts for upstate seats, thus denying Democrats an actual majority come January and allowing the Republicans to organize the upper house at least temporarily. That means perks.
     It's another sad commentary on the obviation of election results through endless lawyering. It now appears Senator Stephen Saland has lost his Poughkeepsie seat by 1700 votes but the GOP is willing to keep up the court fights just to prevent the seating of the new senator. The other district in doubt is closer but experts do not think Republican George Amedore can prevail either.
       The year began with most observers concluding the GOP would hold their majority, but voters seem to have forgotten the dismal Democratic majority of 2010 and Obama/Gillibrand coattails flipped the house.
      Add to this the angling of the Independent Democratic Caucus and we head to New Year's with control very much in doubt.
         Then there is Governor Cuomo, who seems content to watch a weak and wobbly Legislature bow to his will.
        Albany is back.
Republicans aim to delay election results to get majority leader -


Anonymous said...

The Dems really blew it last time. Hopefully they have learned something from that. If the Dems get control, the North country will REALLY be hurting because we are represented by Tea Party advocates like Ritchie and Griffo.

Anonymous said...

Another sad thing is that it would matter which party you are in as far as how much office space you get or what kind of phone is in your office and other "perks" that should be the same for all members.

Anonymous said...

Just REMEMBER all of these delay s and lies and obfuscations the next time you enter thebooth to vote and REMBER theREPUGNICANS ALSO WERE BEDFELLOWS WITHTHE CRIMINAL S IN THE senate. Espada and monserrat and held the state HOSTAGE and Ran up theTAB at OUR EXPENSE a few SHORT years ago . These people have ZERO ETHICS and proove bytheir actions NOTtheir rhetoric that power corrupts ABSOLUTELY .

Whattheyare doing is shameful and denigrates the sanctityof thevoting booth. REMEMBERthis nexttime and DO NOT bea SHEEP and listento themand read and believe all their expensive , glossy PUFFPIECEStelling us howw much rheyDO for us

HOQGWASH !! They wallow in the mire

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike' said...

“Gov. Cuomo must delay Senate Session ifnecessary”

Election fraud takes many forms in modern America and now we
have a new one to add to the list, ‘Incorporation of procedural technicalities to block elected officials from gaining their seats in a timely fashion,’ and to delay or negate the will of the people who voted for them. Gov. Cuomo appears to be part of a Republican delaying strategy according to Fred Dicker, and will unless he dispels the notion – that he is a backroom intriguer thwarting the will of the people as concerns their voting intent at the ballot with the help of the IDC- he’ll have entered into a hall of shame from which he’ll never exit in my mind.

According to Fred Dicker the Dean of Albany political journalists, “The plan involves intentionally further delaying ongoing court challenges to the two apparent Democratic victors so that the 30 Republicans who have been elected to the Senate can join with GOP-friendly Democrat Sen.-elect Simcha Felder of Brooklyn in voting 31 to 30 over Democrats to select the new majority leader, two sources close to the situation said.” This artificially created Republican Majority would stop a ‘Fully’ elected body of Senators now likely to mean a 32-31 Democratic Majority from taking control of the Senate and the Majority leader’s seat. This means according to Fred Dicker’s sources in the Senate that, “Once the Republicans have control of the Senate again, even for a few weeks, they could hand out so many perks — staff allotments, office space, cars and other goodies — that they could buy off a couple of Democrats and keep themselves in control,' If the Gov. Cuomo allows this Republican delaying strategy to happen, he will have committed the unforgivable political sin of not just being disloyal to the Democratic Party, but to all Democratic voters in NYS. At that point we can only start to count the ways, we will commence to working on how, to make Mr. Cuomo pay for his failure to keep Albany politics clean and transparent. Gov. Cuomo will no longer be a Democratic Governor in good standing, which he was when elected as by these same voters, whose vote he now seems to be part of negating. At stake here is NYS Senate control by Democrats who’ve earned it via the 2012 election results. Elections have results and consequences, that shouldn't be ignored by the Republicans in the Senate. Gov. Cuomo these election results clearly mean the Senate should have a Democratic Majority Leader this session. If necessary Senate Democrats should delay the opening session until the Election results are finalized and their Majority in place.

Mike Flynn ‘Middle Class Mike’

Anonymous said...

Remember last time the idiot party was in charge of all three men in the room? They drove Golisano to move to Florida and take his multimillion dollar hospital donations with him. They passed a law that says employers cannot discriminate against felons when hiring. What kind of retard would think it is a good idea to outlaw discrimination against felons?