Thursday, December 13, 2012

Devil's Brew in the House of the Lord ? - Times Union

     There's a bit of blasphemy I suppose in using a vacant Catholic Church as home for a brewery and bar.
     That's what is being proposed for St. Joseph's Church in Albany as other efforts to rehabilitate the structure have failed. However, neighbors are carping about the Devil's brew coming to their neighborhood.
       Would you be expected to genuflect when approaching the bar ?
Church pub called a foul brew - Times Union


Anonymous said...

Something underwater turning into whine.

Dave said...

I guess you have never been to the beer church in Indian River near Croghan. Prayer and spirts all in one stop. It's world famous. Well maybe not world famous but it is across the road from Eddie's Meat Market.

Anonymous said...

In WNY some Catholic Churches have been sold for other uses, even one for a mosque. I'd rather see the suds.

Kevin said...

I live in Albany, this is a historic,nice neighborhood in an otherwise not nice Arbor Hill. I wouldn't worry about the customers that would go as prices would be high like most bars downtown, but more about parking which is terrible already.They would rather see church demolished which to me is not the better option. Would be nice to have a bar south of the Empire State Plaza, Jillians was there but closed, as most are north near college apartments and downtown campuses.