Thursday, December 13, 2012

Cuomo To Skelos: I Find Your Lack Of Support Disturbing (Updated)

      Governor Cuomo is making it clear he doesn't consider himself one to be messed with and he believes his agenda is the people's agenda. So he said in radion interviews this week in Albany.
     Mr. Cuomo is making it clear he only supports the Senator coalition if they do as he says on matters like the minimum wage, campaign finance reform and halting of NYC Police "stop and frisk" practices, an issue near and dear to Democratic core voters.
     It's clear Republicans like Dean Skelos will only keep their title as long as the GOP acts like Democrats when Mr. Cuomo tells them to.
     Cuomo To Skelos: I Find Your Lack Of Support Disturbing (Updated)


Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike' said...

“Gov. Cuomo must resist Carrot and Stick Approach”

Scoping the problems that the ‘Coalition’ concept brings to the table by its inherent nature is priority number one by our still popular Governor. Evaluating NYS and the ‘Coalition’ Government being imposed on the Voters is really very complex, but here is the short version. You have to look at the legitimacy of the ‘Coalition’ concept which is flawed in the first place. It may be legal but is it moral? While legally feasible it fails to measure up morally, because it undermines the whole voting process in NYS. Why? Well fundamentally the ‘Coalition’ stipulates that although a majority of Democratic Senators were elected, they will have less of a voice while representing their districts in the Senate.

The sum of all the Coalition’s political parts doesn’t add up to a co-operative political venture, but instead winds up being in sum total ‘broken’ and dysfunctional. When assembling this ‘Coalition’ political machine, the gears aren’t meshing and the opposing political forces are the cause of that, their interests being diametrically opposed. Gov. Cuomo wanted to get rid of Senate ‘dysfunction’ when he prematurely walked away from Democratic Majority in the State Senate. Coalition government is not jelling Gov. Cuomo, Dean Skelos, Sen. Jeff Klein and Mike Long, and the parties they represent are already causing you enough concern to force you to draw lines in the sand.

Governor you’re now in the position of having to withdraw you support from the ‘Coalition’ and acknowledge it’s an unworkable format. Follow your instincts Gov. Cuomo, it isn’t a workable concept. Avoid the mistake of trying to manage the process, by displaying the shop worn political approach of using the, ‘Carrot and the Stick’ method. The threats that come a bit too easy to a frustrated political leader in times of crisis will hurt you politically. Make no mistake about it ‘Coalition’ government in NYS is a political and personal liability for you right now. Instead resist the temptation to threaten or cajole to get you way politically. Just cut to the chase by saying, “The Coalition’ concept just isn’t going to work, because the leadership isn’t really representative of the Democratic Majority’ the voters of NYS elected.” Do that and people know you respect Voter’s wishes and a Democratic Senate Majority will do the rest to get you agenda passed in the Senate.

Mike Flynn ‘Middle Class Mike’

Anonymous said...

If anyone knows what Mikey just said, please tell the rest of us.