Monday, December 24, 2012

Cuomo, Schneiderman React To Webster Shooting

   Another shocking shooting incident has left not just firefighters grieving over the killing of two smokeeaters and wounding of three others responding to a blaze in Webster, near Rochester. The 62 year old gunman killed himself.
Slain Firefighter Tomasz Koczowka at his Day Job as a 911 Dispatcher

    It appears to have been an ambush, although much surely remains to be known.
Today, during a Christmas visit to our fire department, those on duty were talking about the tragedy and like me wondering why anyone would target responding firemen.
    Of course the state's top pols chimed in too.
Cuomo, Schneiderman React To Webster Shooting


Anonymous said...

Was it an assault weapon???

Anonymous said...

No sense in waiting to figure out what happened. Strike while the hysterical iron is hot. Merry Christmas. And does ya think a criminal like this would have found another way than to use a gun? Naaaaaaaaah. It was the gun, not the criminal. Darn guns.

Anonymous said...

Hey! Another opportunity for the gun manufacturers and the NRA!

Now, we not only need guns for our 98,518 school buildings, we need 50 cal. gun turrets for our fire trucks.

Gun and ammunition sales are going to explode!

The Koch brothers will become richer as we all shoot at each other, and buy even bigger and better guns to defend ourselves.

Grover Norquist (currently on the Board of the NRA) will be come a "somebody" again!

Do we have enough politicians in this country to stop this idiocy? Looks like we are going to find out.

Anonymous said...

The truth is that every weapon is a defense weapon, or hunting weapon or a collectable weapon. It is not until some nut job gets it and uses it to assault someone that it becomes an assault weapon.

Why do they need to tell us the Wisconsin mall shooter was a white supremacist? White supremacy is a supremacy of peace. Democrat Representative Robert KKK Byrd never shot up a mall or killed anyone. Why judge all white supremacy members by the actions of a few extremists?

They don't ever bother telling us that the other 99% of gun shooting murderers were Obama voters or democrats. But it is a safe bet that they are.

Anonymous said...

Why is it we let hardened criminals walk the street. This man deserved the death penalty for killing his grandmother with a hammer. The hammer didn't commit murder he did and liberals who don't believe in the death penalty were his accomplices in Webster.

Anonymous said...

7:07 You're not making it. You sound almost credible. The sarcasm doesn't work because most of the MSM pukes just like you. You gots to shift a bit.

Anonymous said...

Dumb, 7:07.