Monday, December 3, 2012

Cuomo rejects proposals to increase booze tax, place limits on bars -

   Governor Cuomo is fighting the crazies, but if the Middle Class Mike/Al Sharpton coalition seizes the Senate, who knows what might happen ?
   The Governor has rejected his own Health Department's call for higher taxes on alcohol....When all else fails in the capital, tax sin...The sin taxers forget we live in a country where two states just approved sale of pot....
    In NY, people are skirting cigarette taxes in droves and as one of the few cash businesses left, the purveyors of the Devil's Brew can adjust their tax burden at will.
    These simpletons and latter day Carrie Nation's just don't get it.....Escapism is in.
     The Governor clearly watches his gal pal Sandra Lee's holiday specials which feature holiday drinks....Message....there's nothing wrong with enjoying yourself.
Cuomo rejects proposals to increase booze tax, place limits on bars -


Anonymous said...

Don't take it so personal. While there is a smidgen of prohibition as a motivator, the overwhelming driving force is that it looks like low hanging fruit. Its time for your customers to "pay their fair share" so that Danny can enjoy his tax free pension. Its for the children.

Anonymous said...

Until a person's heart is changed, they will turn to alcohol to escape their problems. Lord, send a revival to America!

Idi Amin Duda said...

It's a quick way to throw some bucks into the State's bank account. Just like taxing cigs and gas. Might as well go to taxing food. The last step to n=make this state the place to be. NOT!