Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Critics say Jeffrey Klein, the new co-leader of the state Senate, just craves power  - NY Daily News

   Democrats say he is too ambitious...too craven...too desirous of power and position...
Meet rogue Democrat and now Senate co-leader Jeffrey Klein of the Bronx.
    Mr. Klein won his fifth term this year as the nominee of both the Democratic and Republican parties, although obviously it's being a Dem that got him where he is.
     Now he has positioned his "Independent Democratic Caucus" into a five person power grab that Dems call a "coup". He even dates one of the other members.
      Mr. Klein says he is practicing a new kind of coalition politics that is needed in Albany. Democratic stalwarts are thinking in the old paradigm. We won. We get the perks. We decide on the agenda.
       Critics call Mr. Klein a Judas, and in cutting the deal the GOP may find its not as much in power as they are used to in the upper house.
       After seeing what happened in 2009 when the Dems briefly controlled the Senate, and having followed the careers of the NYC pols that dominate their caucus,  Mr. Klein's gambit (by the way, ambitious, self-serving pols are not new) is a symbol of his own ambitions, but he may provide some moderation in a state where we are always just a whisker away from higher taxes and more regulation.

Critics say Jeffrey Klein, the new co-leader of the state Senate, just craves power  - NY Daily News


Anonymous said...

It comes down to three men are in charge. So Why can't he be one of the three? I just hope that he tentacles that minimum wage with no holds barred. Raising it to 50k/ per year sounds fair. Who wants to work for less than 50k?

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike' said...

"Cuomo's Story Rings like CIA Tale"

In a CIA type statement the 'Pontius Pilate' of Albany, NY sought to avoid meddling in the internal affairs of the Senate publically, while privately his front men including Jeff Klein brokered the 'Coalition' government now in place in the NY Senate. Never a fellow to not be disingenuous when the occasion called for it Gov. Cuomo has out did himself on this one.

And now the rest of us maligned and sold out Cuomo supporters can switch our allegiance to the political prospects of Hillary Clinton in 2016. This eventuality and the need to do so were not hard to see coming and I spoke to it over a month ago. I'm going to like working against our boy wonder Gov. with the clean hands, which smells of back door political intrigue.

Gov. Cuomo has had a policy of avoiding the Press and talk about what's actually happening, versus, what he stipulates 'is' in fact happening to those gullible enough to believe this Governor would know the truth if he tripped over it. Well I'm done cheering for this sell out, and I still think that by 2016 he'll be running for the Republican nomination for President, because it's not going to be possible to run as a Republican and I don't think the Independent line will be open for him to run under should he want it and he will not want it.

Gov. Cuomo from this day forward, as Albany's 'Pontius Pilate' is now on his own. The Governor's dreams of becoming President certainly look like their very much in receding mode at this point. The mud will stick on this one, because guys like me will make it stick. Sometimes the little people can be the worst people to offend Gov. Cuomo, because they have no political patronage to lose. Speaking of 2016 -- "You lose" -- and I plan to be part of that happening.

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike'

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike' said...

Capitol (NY PAPER) reporter ARI Paybarah reports:

Spitzer says the Senate coalition is ‘likely to breed chaos’

Former governor Eliot Spitzer said the deal struck yesterday between Republicans and a handful of breakaway Democrats to share power in the State Senate won't make government more efficient.

"I think it's more likely to breed chaos than anything else," said Spitzer, during his weekly guest appearance on Inside City Hall.
"The question is will this work functionally or will there be so much tension" that an agenda has trouble moving, Spitzer said, noting "you have a very fractured perspective" on a number of bills, like raising the minimum wage, school education and rebuilding storm-damaged neighborhoods.

I basically said the same thing predicting Gov. Cuomo has created a legislative monster he won’t be able to control.

Mike Flynn ‘Middle Class Mike’