Thursday, December 13, 2012

Court Upholds $28,000 Tab at NYC Men's Club

    A man who ran up a $28,000 bar tab at a Manhattan strip club has lost his bid to recover his cash.
    The guy claimed in court the Hustler Club served him too much and he didn't realize what he was spending. The judge rightly ruled it's not the court's role to alter the results stemming from the man's voluntary intoxication.
     People need to be responsible for their actions, and stop hiding behind claims of being drunk or duped. We've heard of these cases before.
     The question is did the man get what he paid for at the Club ? I presume he had a good time and is fortunate to have a credit card with that high a limit. (Or is it the fault of the bank for extending too high a line to a known lover of lap dances ?)
WHAT A BOOB! Manhattan man who didn't check out the oversized tab at Larry Flynt's Hustler Club has to fork over $28,000 - NY Daily News


Anonymous said...

He should have claimed he was or soldier or gay or part Indian or a Muslim, or a cripple and then gotten the attorney General to fight his fight for him.

We have brave soldiers being "taken advantage of" by payday loans and rental centers? But this poor schlep wasn't taken advantage of?

Anonymous said...

Boy, Jeff, you spread your high morality net awfully wide. Considering the history of your own establishment. Between this post and the one about Sandra Lee, you seem to have a lot of time to be catty.