Saturday, December 15, 2012

Council to Consider Support for Woolworth Building Project

    City Council is being asked to affirm its support for a series of initiatives to bolster the efforts at rehabilitating the  very much at-risk Woolworth Building downtown. In three separate resolutions, lawmakers are being asked to support a waiving of building permit fees, a tax abatement agreement and a transfer of property across the street to the developer for a parking lot.
      The last measure requires a four-fifths vote, and it is uncertain there is that margin to approve it.
      Council also will likely OK continued funding for Sunday hours at the Flower Library.


Anonymous said...

I believe you said you do not want to waive city fees anymore. You said instead you would like to formally allocate city spending so that we can keep track of what we are giving away. Therefor the waving of building permit fees should be reworded as a city contribution of tens of thousand of dollars worth of inspection fees.

You might as well reword the selling of land for a dollar as a donation of a hundred thousand or more in land.

Jeff Graham said...

Waiving fees is not something that should be done except by resolution passed by City Council in open session.

Anonymous said...

The JCIDA and Trust will make this project a priority with FREE this and That. But really how many more Apts do you need downtown?????

Anonymous said...

just give the whole damn city away, you're doing it a piece at a time anyway. These fees are supposed to offset taxes aren't they? This pick-and-choose crap ought to be stopped, but nobody with any guts is in office.