Monday, December 17, 2012

Council Gets a Candy Bar

   City Council talked a bit about flouride tonight....learned there are three baseball teams interested in leasing the Fairgrounds ball field next summer, and each member got a Hershey bar from my trip to PA last week.
    The MSM top story is approval of a series of measures to help prospective developers of the Woolworth Building, including a partial waiver of building permit fees, a PILOT as long as its "reasonable", and a gift of some land on the Woodruff site for parking. It's all designed to help gain approval for state support of the rehab of the aging building at the heart of downtown.
     Lawmakers approved a continuation of Sunday hours at the Library and wished each other Merry Christmas and Happy New Year as this was the last meeting of 2012.


Anonymous said...

Maybe ousting Manager Mary really was a good move.

There was no cooperation from city hall with other groups that wanted to buy Woolworth in the past regarding the Woodruff site.

That is too bad, previous groups weren't asking for PILOT or looking to make more "affordable" housing.

Save another historic building and bring more non producers in to live. Great redevelopment plan.

Anonymous said...

Who are the baseball teams?

Anonymous said...

Help me to understand this...Here we go again giving tax breaks and all kinds of incentives to developers (outsiders)and yet I see all of these businesses that already established going under and people that have lived here their whole lives losing their homes because they need a tax break and can't get one. Sounds to me that someone is getting their pocket padded. It has nothing to do with caring about the people who elected you but about playing the big dog.