History Made as First Major Party Woman Candidate for President Nominated

History Made as First Major Party Woman Candidate for President Nominated
Hillary Clinton Nominated by Acclimation After Roll Call

Monday, December 31, 2012

Cliff Deal Would Extend Tax Cuts , Do Little Else

    For those of you who believed the hype that the world as we know it would end at midnight...relief at last.
This Happy Pair Negotiated the Deal
    Looks like a compromise tax package and no commitment to spending cuts...A deficit-forever package, but one that makes permanent the tax rates for all but the highest incomes...
    But remember, your FICA tax goes back up and that's worth about a grand to most of you.
    While Congress might take a couple days to complete the voting, it looks like the deal is done for now...Until the next "cliff" in a month over the borrowing limit...
      Meanwhile, best wishes to all of your for a happy and safe holiday and a great 2013.
Cliff Deal Would Extend Tax Cuts For Households Up to $450,000 - NationalJournal.com


Anonymous said...

What is it with that McConnell guy anyways? He has that same expression on his face in virtually every photo… you know, the one that say’s… “uh oh, I don’t think I wiped myself good enough!”

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike' said...

Republican Tea Party in Congress gets butt kicked tonight – tentative agreement reached to pass Bill – that gets the Rich to pay up, and shut up!.
Mayor quit the BS, you’re so wrong on what this tentative agreement tonight means. The Rich are going to pay their fair share, and the Republican Tea Party stooges they elected with their money are going to shut up and like it. This Bill helps the Middle Class and in the coming months President Obama is going to kick some Tea Party asses until he gets what he wants, a fairer tax code, Gun Contro, etc. I can't wait until the State Of the Union Message, to watch the Republican Tea Party get their nose rubbed in it some more.
Since you're a JETS fan I'll borrow a line from Joe Willie's old book, "I can't wait until tomorrow, because it gets better looking every day” for Democrats and the President"
S'cuse me while I hug myself - it just can't get any better than this - and Duff stay away from windows and don't do anything drastic. 'SIC' Just kidding you old Right Wing warrior you :)
We finally started soaking the Rich and we’re going to spread it out thin - just like Willie Stark says in, All The Kings Men. All this and the President is going to pass meaningful ‘Gun Control’ in America.

“S’cuse me while I kiss the sky” said by Andrew Dice Clay I’m feeling tall enough to want to do that too. :)

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike'

ray lear said...

It all reminds me of the movie Blazing Saddles. Where Brooks yells out that he and his followers need to protect their phony baloney job. "Can I get a carump?".

Dan Francis said...

McConnell's expression reminds me of the guy who just ate raw duck.

That Senate deal (now pending in the wacky GOP-controlled House), and pardon my French, sucks. This part really bothers me and it should ever working stiff in the country, too:

The bill would raise income taxes on families earning more than $450,000 per year.

Low temporary rates that have been in place for less affluent taxpayers for the past decade would be made permanent, along with a range of targeted tax breaks put in place by President Barack Obama in the depths of the 2009 recession.

The kick in the teeth: workers would see up to $2,000 more taken out of their paychecks as a temporary payroll tax cut was set to expire.

The bill would also delay an across-the-board 8 percent spending cut to domestic and military programs for two months, and extend jobless benefits for 2 million people who otherwise would see them run out.

The battle is just beginning ... I posted more here at my blog, FYI

A crappy deal.

Anonymous said...

You're an idiot, Dan. The temporary payroll tax cut that is expiring is the 2% drop in SS withholding which never should have been given in the 1st place ('cuz blat-ass babies like you make it hard to take back).

The only "kick in the teeth" is the delay in the 8% across-the-board spending cuts. It is crazy-ass spending that is sending the US down the toilet.

Anonymous said...

Nobody with a brain cares about your website, Dannie. Its just like a donut, filled with onesided, cherry picked facts given to you by enema by your party controllers.

Yes, the deal is probably good for Democrats, thus bad for Americans, but good for Government. It will take more of your money, do nothing to slow down spending, but keep people like Dannie and Mikey very happy as they love Government. Its their Baby. They get more FreeStuff than the average guy who works. So as they say, spend your kid's future. The important thing to them is party loyalty and Stuff. So if you have a two word vocabulary, as in HEE HAW, its a great day.

Anonymous said...

Great deal for Democrats, and people like you, Dannie, who have so many exemptions built into your taxes. For the rest of the nation it isn't so good. But you're always more concerned about the party than the country. So, gloat away. Mikey, you might could buy a new hat. But no teaching job for you. This will pinch the bucks even more for political appointees.

Dan Francis said...

House passed the bill by huge margin: 408 Yea / 10 No - 8 DEMS/2 GOPers No ...

They saved the day and now their BS starts to show us they are heroes... expected.

Anonymous said...

Where did you get the vote tally from Danny? An Obama economist?

Anonymous said...

Dan and MCM your both selfish pukes who have no problem spending others money including thier childrens and grandchildrens as long as you both get yours.Shameful just shameful.Jackasses.

Anonymous said...

Dannie even felt that he had to lie about the vote totals. Does it ever change? Or is that just a military intelligence technique?

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike' said...

ANON 11:21 AM

PUKE on this Romney was a dope and Doheny din't understand a thing about economics either mouthing all that Cantor BS. Puke on that and which Presient Obama nad Congressman Owens get this Country moving again. Puke on that too.


Anonymous said...

lay off the booze mike, you will spell better.

Anonymous said...

if Obama were "presient" he'd see we're headed for disaster, LOL!