Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas tree ornaments for one Staten Island family were provided by The White House -

   There are still people without power due to Hurricane Sandy. About a thousand Con Ed customers plus over 8000 homes in the Far Rockaways too badly damaged to accept electricity.
      Meanwhile a snow storm is approaching the Northeast, and while that's not unusual given the date, there are still some people who have had enough of the weather for this year or for a lifetime.
Christmas tree ornaments for one Staten Island family were provided by The White House -


? said...

At this point wouldn't you have to board up the homes and find a place to live for the winter? This I would believe has to become the plan. It does around here when a fire guts a home. People have to deal with it. Sure it sucks.

Anonymous said...

I love the empathy and compassion brought out during this season of peace and goodwill toward man. Goodness to be an American in the aftermath of natural disaster and get a couple of Christmas ornaments from the chosen one…I feel that tingle coming on again!

Not to mention all the federal and state forms that were previously given to the hurricane victims so that might apply for consideration of a “low interest loan”.

It’s a wonderment to me that Americans, during this most blessed of Christian Holidays, are willing to grovel to their betters while experience the indignity of participating in propaganda to the benefit of the chosen one.

Oh, and about those disaster loans…I’ve always wondered if the recipients in a foreign land are given loan applications in English or if they’re translated into the native language…or maybe they don’t have to apply for loans from Uncle Sam because our tax dollars are freely given to foreigners with no requirement that the money be paid back?

I’m all teary eyed as I embrace my religion and my gun!

Anonymous said...

FREE HOLIDAY ornimintz.
I never would have thought of it. Whata guy that Obumba is. Just when I thought nothing else could possibly be free.

Anonymous said...

Cool. FREE ornaments. Really cool.