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Aaron Woolf Finds His Heritage in Visit to Arcade Antique Shop
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Friday, December 14, 2012

CBS News: 27 Dead, Including 20 Children, In Elementary School Shooting « CBS Connecticut

     Another horrible tragedy in a school where a gunman has killed 26 people, including 18 children in a CT elementary school.
     As bad as all of these shootings are, the notion of inflicting death and mayhem in a school is not new. In 1927, a former school board member set off bombs in a Michigan school, killing 45.
Teacher Leading Kids to Safety
      Today's events are shocking and disheartening, and come on the heels of a mall shooting this week in Portland OR, and the theater shootings earlier this year in Aurora , CO.
      Updated reports say the shooter was a 24 year old Ryan Lanza, and that the shooter's parents were also killed in separate incidents in NJ and CT. There is a report of a missing girlfriend.  There was confusion over names with a 20 year old brother named Adam, who may be in custody, or according to some reports may himself be dead in New Jersey. There have been several conflicting reports.
       CBS News: 27 Dead, Including 18 Children, In Elementary School Shooting « CBS Connecticut


Anonymous said...

This beyond a horrible tragedy! So many families in anguish! The murderer used assault weapons. Another reason to wonder why anyone needs to have them. Would that he shot himself first.

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike' said...

Gov Cuomo is calling this a 'Wake UP' call and is ready to get tough on Gun Sales.

The NRA estimates that there are over 250 million guns owned in the United States. This includes handguns, rifles and assault weapons. This total is estimated to increase 4 million each year.

It's time we did make it tougher to own a gun.

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike'

? said...

The Police figure he killed his Dad (NJ), his Mom (who worked at the school) in her home, and then went to to that small school to murder little kids.

Tell me what law or rule will ever stop all that?

Yes very tragic. But still in all there is no way to stop CRAZY.

Anonymous said...

I think Mike is right. We should also crack down on gasoline sales. Do you know what that stuff could do in the wrong hands? The problem is the breakdown of society. There will always be a way to kill innocents. And there will always be Mikeys, ready to trade freedom for security. Yet it never works out that way. Ask the Jews, or the Germans, or the Russians, or any other people who tried that route. As I posted earlier, didn't this happen in a "gun free" zone? Mikey, maybe another law making it illegal to bring a gun to school would have done it. What, it was already a felony? Well, let's do another. Let's layer them so people like you feel better. People who have no respect for laws and life act accordingly. What you want to do is take liberty away from the law abiding. You believe in government at the expense of the individual. I don't.

My compliments for waiting minutes before using this tragedy for your own political gain. No sense in thinking about the victims when there's opportunity. I'm sure Dannie won't be far behind. But at least he waited a bit.

Anonymous said...

Time now for a total ban on all assualt rifles and very stiff requirement including psychological testing for ANY gun buyer. How many innocents must die to Hell with the NRA and the gun lobby .

Anonymous said...

If this happened everyday for fifteen years it would kill as many people as were killed in automobile accidents since Columbine.

Anonymous said...

Why do some people think that wackjobs and criminal are going to abide by gun control laws? Shouldn't some common sense factor into this equation?

Anonymous said...

Sure gun control is the initial thought in these senseless acts. But putting tighter control on guns only makes matters worse. First of all it takes guns from the vast majority of gun owners who would rightfully use their guns to protect themselves, their family, and yes you.

Gun control solves nothing. Addressing our lacking mental illness capabilities and stopping the publicity given to these situations is the only way to help.

Anonymous said...

Yeah sure, guns are evil.

MOST of society's problems start with a lack of a TRADITIONAL family. 3 rd graders watching R rated movies and playing MA video games is a greater problem than Glock and NRA

Anonymous said...

The number of lives that are saved every day because we have a right to bear arms is not reported. This is a horrible tragedy and the fascists can't even wait for the dead to be buried before they start blaming the second amendment.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike in NYS you already have the toughest gun laws in NYS, I am truly sorry for the tradgedy, but I also want to be able to protect myself, As they say when trouble is seconds away, the cops are minutes away..............Get a life MMM, CCW since 1979.

Anonymous said...

NO guns are a serious problem in this country , too easy to get them , no screening of the mentally ill like this shooter and the one last week ant he one z2 weeks ago. et your heads out of the sand GUNS are TOOO accessable to people . If you are unable to pass a mental evaluation you should NEVER under any circumstance be authorized to purchase a weapon . YOU gun nuts need to recognize that the problem is out of control . There is absolutely NO justification for assault weapons or ANY automatic weaponry .

The NRA is absolutely wrong and needs to be put in its place .

Anonymous said...

Thirst of all my hearfelt condolences to the families of the victims.

I lost my young sister years ago in a car accident and it his hart to come to terms with a loss like that.

If there would have been a security guard with a gun or a right full gun owner in this school ,he would maybe be able to stop this killing of innocent children,

Gun Controll don't work.
In Europe are strict gun laws but still the criminals , the crazies can still buy all kind of guns on the black market.

The law abbiding gun owners got harrassed by the government and must record even hunting guns used in clubs.

But does anybody seriously think that criminals and it does not matter if legal or illegal in the country go to the police and register their guns?

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike' said...

Too Many Guns:

I remain speechless hit by a Tsunami of grief, brought about by one sick man’s ‘Cyclonic’ anger and spinning soul, as expressed through his slaughtering of innocents.


Anonymous said...

If only you did remain speachless, Mikey. You certainly remain brainless. Always advocating for the need to limit the freedoms of the law abiding individual. You are a great friend to the future dictators of the world. Our Constitution was written as it was for a reason, not for fashionable dipsh#ts like you to write off during times of tragedy.

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike' said...

ANON 12:23

You’re brainless and certainly gutless attacks on me will get you nothing this time around but the contempt of decent people. The Nation mourns our loss and you attack me for saying we need to take a look at the gun culture in America. People are sick and tired of NRA hacks like you and we want to get a handle on this problem. So hide behind your ANON and attack any one like myself and there are tens of millions like me that won't settle for less than changing the violent gun culture in America; including our President and Governor and Mayor of NYC, etc. Who do you stand with besides the people who can't be moved by any event to change and just want this to contiue?

Mike Flynn 'Middle class Mike'

Max Volume said...

We need to ban knives before this type of tragedy occurs:


Can you imagine a person walking into a school and doing this? We need to create a law that states that only butter-knives are legal in the U.S.and that certain public areas are deemed "Knife-Free Zones."

I mean...why would a person need 'multiple' knives in the silverware drawer anyway?

And if a person possesses a knife-sharpener, they are obviously gearing-up for some sort of massacre and therefore should be arrested on the spot, unless of course they possess a New York State "Knife Permit."

A $100 "Knife Permit" would ensure that the knives owner(s) are proficient in the use of this 'weapon.' Not to mention that we can all sleep well tonight knowing that criminals must obtain said permit, and that no stabbings will occur because of this new 'law.'

Anonymous said...

Hey MMM where's the weapons LOST in "operation fast and furious"? they already killed 2 Border Patrol agents and you want the GOVT. to create more laws....NYS has the Bullet ID program cost taxpayers 35million it's never been used.....................MMM Call Owens about the NRA backed him in the recent election...........Call AJR, Call PattyPlate, Call Gillibrand All have pandered for the Sportsman Vote...........

Anonymous said...

Hey MMM you say 250 million guns other posts say 300 million which is it????????

Anonymous said...

The answer is TOOOOO DAMN MANY guns !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike' said...


NRA figure is over 250 Million, but other sources say its closer to 250 Million. I went with NRA figure and frankly, its probably to low a number. MSNBC say it 300,000,000 Million as do others.


Anonymous said...

MMM I think you need to be tested.

Anonymous said...

Hey MMM I have 12 guns and 5,000 rds of ammo, Do I have enough???