Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Bob Costas calls Jovan Belcher commentary “a mistake”

      Good for him...He admitted the gun control commentary offered up during Sunday football was wrong.
       Bob Costas of NBC delivered the opinion piece in the wake of Saturday's murder/suicide involving KC Chiefs player Jovan Belcher.
       We now know he had a habit of abusive relationships and was drinking and more with another woman the night before he went and shot to death his girlfriend and the mother of their child. In a very nice touch, this craven murderer did the deed in front of the three month old as well as his own mom who was helping take care of the child. Then he went to the stadium and offed himself in front of his coach.
      Guys like this are not an argument for gun control...they are an argument against the silly, immature gangster culture in much of professional sports.
         Now for this shrine to Belcher set up at his Long Island home.......Give me a break..  The guy murdered a woman and left an infant an orphan. I don't celebrate anybody's death, but the shrine is part of what's wrong with society. People are actually looking at the perp as the victim.  Good grief !

Bob Costas calls Jovan Belcher commentary “a mistake”


Anonymous said...

Roid rage takes a bigger toll on kids raised with no babydaddy around.

Anonymous said...

You are so right Mr. Mayor.

If he would be alive, nobody would set up a shrine for this murderer , who on top of murdering the mother of his child and messing around with other women, left his three month infant daughter behind as an orphan.

How more selfish a guy can be?
No sympathy here.
If he would be alive, he should and would be tryed for murder.

That's exactly whats wrong with society, feel sorry for a murderer and abuser.
Where are the people setting up a shrine for his girlfriend and the infant babydaughter?

Right Handed Left Winger said...

The aura around these "street thugs" in the NFL, NBA and MLB is just one of the problems in professional sports. Personally, I don't care how many or what drugs they take...I tune in to watch the game and see home runs, touchdowns, goals or airborne slams & dunks. To idolize these "thugs" for what they do is just wrong...it is entertainment...like Rush Limbaugh is entertainment...hated by some and laughed at by others. To justify the "wife/girlfriend beaters" as just kids...is shamful. These guys need to be jailed and penalized just like regular citizens are if they step outside the law. To say that Michael Vick has paid his debt to society is just ridiculous...he should never be allowed to play football (and thus be accepted by kids as a hero) again. The same with someone that slaps around his wife/girlfriend...lock them up and throw away the key. We just don't need these "street thugs" being portrayed as heros to our kids and mouth breathing fans that look at them as "different" from you and I. To have a shrine established for this murderer is just unbelievable. That kids and adults would think that this criminal was deserving of this kindf of accolade if not acceptable to me and others of like thoughts. Come on folks...these are simply guys with too much money and not enough education.


Anonymous said...

Right handed left winger:

I totally agree with you.
Just because they play in a sport should not make them rolemodells.

It is very troubling that a guy like Michael Vick is playing again instead of being locked up or punsihed from the NFL forever.

Psychopaths never change.
This guy just learned to play society better and hide his wrong doings better.

There is also strong evidence, that children, or young adults who torture or kill animals, even small ones will have no compassion for humans either.

I saw a documention what had happened to his tortured dogs. its is just saddening and disgussting.

Because this kind of street thugs, cheaters, wifebeaters are heralded as heros and get way to much money for their job, they think they are beyond the law.

I also agree with the first comment in this thread.

Anonymous said...

People who are stupid will always blame objects for crimes.

People who are stupid will always believe that despite tens of thousands of gun control laws, a few more will make us safe.

People who are stupid always believe disarming law abiding people and making gun ownership more difficult for law abiding people will have an effect on criminals.