Polar Dip in Alex Bay

Polar Dip in Alex Bay
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Friday, December 28, 2012

Asian Women, Pedicures and Nouveau Riche Guys.......

    It doesn't surprise me that celebrities and rich guys get pedicures as money entitles you to sensory pleasures...But at Pete's I am listening to a local luminary carry on over his pedicure to the point of showing photos of some Asian woman working on his feet.
     I mean it was to the point of obsession, so I am intrigued.
     It's still a class issue..Guys on Pearl Street don't spring for pedicures...Guys on Loomus Drive apparently do.....Of course isnt' that the street where the owner of the High Life lives ?
Pedicures for Men | Men's Health News

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Anonymous said...

Did he get a facial too?