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Friday, December 28, 2012

Amid Fiscal Stalemate, Media Counts Hours Likes Its A Moon Launch

      All weekend we will hear a media countdown on the "fiscal cliff". Most people don't seem to be paying much attention as a range of taxes stand ready to rain down on us.

      Amid Fiscal Stalemate, How to Handle Tax Rate Uncertainty - NYTimes.com


Anonymous said...

Media helped get us into this mess. They have been so one sided in their reporting that Obama has started to believe his own lies. Now we are seriously screwed. Even if a deal is made, this country is done. We are on a hopeless spiral towards third world status. That's what happens when there is no honest press. Nazi Germany, 1930's, that's US.

Anonymous said...

It is in Obama's plan for the government to take over every aspect of our lives. The so called 'cliff' is part of it, thanks to the media "Jackals!"

Anonymous said...

It is not the dishonest press that is the problem it is the dishonest voters. Watch everyone run circles logically 'round Danny and Mikey here on this blog but they still stick to their lying illogical positions on everything.

There is enough conser4vitive blogs and Fox news so they hear the truth, they just reject it because it doesn't reconcile with their free$tuff mentality.

Anonymous said...

9:55, you have a good point. WE are responsible for much of our own mess. We have to know we are being lied to, but we pretend to believe it. As long as the checks don't bounce why bother to care? Dannie and Mikey are simple party liners. They just sing A-men after whatever lie comes out of the WH. If its a Donkey, they hoot. Its almost funny at times. That last post by Mike where he fawned to Shelly Silver was the best ever. Maybe he thinks he will get a job with it. It will be something to watch. Dannie would never stoop to something like that.

Anonymous said...

Oh I'm just surprised to hear Mikey say he think Silver needs redemption.

Dan Francis said...

Of course, GOP-based/rightwingers never get "free stuff," right?

Please, stop it - your stand up humor is killing me, weak ass as it is aside, but nice try nevertheless.