Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Al Sharpton Leads Rally Denouncing Power-Sharing Coalition in Albany -

    Race baiter and MSNBC rabble rouser Al Sharpton continues to insert himself into the State Senate debate, not realizing or not caring that he is the prime reason Democratic leaders fled the caucus once Dems won numerical control of the upper house.
    Rev. Sharpton insists minorities got shortchanged by the coalition between Republicans and the Independent Democratic Caucus...
   The sooner the Dems get rid of the Sharpton's and their ugly racial politics the better.....
Al Sharpton Leads Rally Denouncing Power-Sharing Coalition in Albany -


Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike' said...

"Gov. Cuomo's disinformation Campaign Ends Now"

Al Sharpton has a legitimate role to play here, but the truth is he's one of many power brokers in and out of Senate fighting for amajority. Al Sharpton has the ability to make this story mainstream inside and out of NYS and that a good thing for Democrats who want a majority in the Senate.

The Governor's disinformation campaign ends now. No longer will cute items be printed on why he stood on the side lines and let the Senate get hijacked, by a 'Coalition of Republicans and rogue IDC Democrats. No Gov. Cuomo's spoon-fed reportage to Voters is coming to an end. We'll no longer be hearing about all the wonderful 'Progressive' legislation that will be passed under 'Coalition' Government in NYS. Or how those low life Democratic Senators couldn't handle a Majority in the Senate, because they're so chaotic, and unruly and corrupt. Or how 'Pontius Pilate a.k.a. Gov. Cuomo had to wash his hands of the whole thing, and just let this ‘Senate Heresy’ happen for the good of NYS.

Now we'll get the real story which includes Sen. Jeff Klein and Sen. Dean Skelos being clearly unable to currently agree on just what real Progressive' legislation is, in terms of issues like a 'Minimum' wage hike. And we’ll even finally get to hear about how Public Unions could never trust this 'Coalition' to be fair in dealing with their aspirations to win a decent salary agreement for their members and how all their concessions to this Governor to date mean little to Gov. Cuomo or Sen. Majority Leader Dean Skelos. Yes we're going to hear a lot about how Democratic Senators, are now ready to stand up and fight for the rights of their district and the voters who elected them.

We’ll now see a Senate Civil War, and that's not what Voters in NYS voted for this last election. They voted for a majority of the Senators in the NY State Senate. And the now we get the pleasure of seeing these elected Democrats gain the Majority control in the Senate they deserve and earned. Most important of all perhaps is we're going to see a Governor, who has lied to us about his role in the ‘Coalition’ government process, forced to come clean and then back the very 'Democratic Majority he should have advocated for in the first place. The slanted 'Coalition' reporting all ends now and the 'NY Times' signaled that in their reporting today. That is a clear signal to me and others that 'Coalition' Government is on the way out in NYS.

Mike Flynn ‘Middle Class Mike’

Anonymous said...

Hey "Sharpie," the list goes like this; White, hispanic, blacks, et all." Get in line - behind the hispanics!

Anonymous said...

All of MCM' s comments are interesting. However, all politics are local, and if the State Senate goes Democratic, Upstate NY is screwed. We were OK when we had Aubertine, a Democrat, representing us, but now with Ritchie, we are powerless.

Remember, revenge is sweet, and the majority Republicans treated the minority Democrats like dirt for years (Did you ever notice the T.V. cameras showed ONLY Republicans?).

Now it's the Democrats turn to get even, and WE are going to pay for the past arrogance of the Republicans.

Anonymous said...

It is funny to see the MSN abandon their left in order to support their "chosen one" governor. This keeps getting spun in Cuomo's favor.

Anonymous said...

I have no idea what Mikey said. It was very complicated and intricate, thus it has to be cool. And I'm sure it was right on. But I can't understand any of it. If anyone can explain it please go ahead and do so.