Newspaper Endorses Funiciello....

Newspaper Endorses Funiciello....
Grateful Dead and the Walking Dead Endorse Him Too

Friday, December 14, 2012

After Drake-Brown bar brawl, a fight over club's fate -

       If the stakes are high enough and you have enough money you can fight the state, or so hopes the owners of a Soho nightclub in Manhattan where rappers Chris Brown and Drake staged a brawl over pop singer Rihanna that injured many and destroyed the club.
Trashed Club That Left Many Injured

      That would be enough to put a NNY club under but in the City its different. The money spent by the glitterati is beyond belief. Like thousands in a night each.
      That's why despite efforts to close this club down, they are keeping it open through court fights...To those who can afford the courts, goes the justice.
      The rest of us would fold our tents long ago.
After Drake-Brown bar brawl, a fight over club's fate -

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Anonymous said...

The people who did this are some of the nation's finest. These are Obama's core supporters. Very cool.