Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Signature Cocktail a Gold Mine for Crystal Restaurant

        The very popular Christmas-time drink called the "Tom and Jerry" is a nearly 200 year old concoction using a batter made from egg whites along with rum and hot water topped by nutmeg.
         It's very much a regional drink in northern climates and has no connection to the the cartoon characters popular in the past century.
The Tom and Jerry

          Watertown's Crystal Restaurant has become ground zero for Tom and Jerry's and many people consider a stop at the quaint downtown eaterie is a holiday must. Friday night the bar was crowded with Christmas enthusiasts seeking warmth in a decidely chilly night.  The drink is so popular, other downtown spots are trying to replicate it, but while the mixture in the cup may be the same, the unique ambiance of the Crystal is hard to match.
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Anonymous said...

Crystal does it none

I really don't know why they just do.

Could be the ambience or the ingredents or just the fact that the crystal was and is the one and only original maker of Tom and Jerrys in Watertown.

Merry Christmas

Anonymous said...

It would be fun to find out how far the Tom & Jerry lovers travel to get a cup.