Monday, December 24, 2012

Two Rochester Area Firemen Shot and Killed Responding to Early Morning House Fire

    While details are still sketchy, two firefighters in the Rochester suburb of Webster are reported dead after a gunman opened fire on firefighters responding to a house fire. Up to four firemen may have been shot.
     The Christmas Eve tragedy is under investigation and there is no active shooter at the moment, according to police at the scene.
2 firefighters killed, residents being searched and evacuated | Democrat and Chronicle |


Dan Francis said...

Yes, but while details are sketchy the fact remains: two firemen where shot dead and two wounded while responding to fight a fire.

The NRA solution, following their recent press conference: "Had the firemen been armed they could have taken out the bad guy.

So, the firemen were to have opened fire (no pun intended), and then to have fought the house fires as firemen do best while responding and fighting a fire to try and save lives and propety.

I expect a blast from some Anonymous a-hold here who sleeps with his gun under his pillow about this posting -- so, I say, "fire away." But, I also suggest he/they show some guts and help solve the damn probelm not take pot shots at common sense ...

Imagine: firemen killed by gunfire responding to a fire. How f**king sad is that?

Anonymous said...

This is impossible. Patty Plate just passed a law making it more of a crime to kill a fireman than a little old lady. I thought for sure that all the killers would switch their targets to little old ladies and leave the firemen alone?

I hope she got some votes for it.

Juston's Take On Government said...

I voted for her for that exact reason 12:36.LMAO

Get off the video games idiot.You don't like her that's one thing but when you come on a blog running your fingers to the bone about something thats serios like this,you should get a back round check.

Anonymous said...

Dan Francis and MCM live in this glass bubble utopia where life is perfect and pristine. I understand why you want to ban guns because you want to release all the criminals on the street while you push down the law abiding citizens... the middle class and such you like to hug.

rick aldrich said...

It's really, really, sad. To think, that more good guns, is the answer to bad guns.

Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight Dan Francis. You support letting go the convicted criminals that commit murder and support disarming people that have not committed a crime. Sounds like common sense to me. Restrict the freedoms of those that have not committed a crime and give more freedom to those that have committed a crime. I would put my name on here, but I'm afraid of your type of government.

Anonymous said...

And Daniel the Francis pukes up yet another knee jerk reaction to a criminal's deed. He's so chained to the party line fear of objects he can't even think about solutions to anything. He can only react with fear and hysteria, all while admitting he knows nothing of the details of what happened. Why should ignorance of the facts stop our Dannie from having an opinion? Never has before. It's gratifying to see a guy willing to jump right out there and preach without knowing anything at all of what he is talking about. Don't you think it would be wise to see what happened before climbing your tower, Sir?

KG said...

It was nice to see "the Mayor that's there" taking the time to stop in and say "hello" and "thank you". Your kind gesture was appreciated. Thanks and Merry Christmas Jeff!

Anonymous said...

I do not understand, why crazy, mental unstable killers like this guy are out of prison after
17 years and own guns, even when they are prohibted to own them because of their conviction.

Spengler stabbed and killed his
92year old grandmother and should have been in prison for the rest of his live or at least the next
50 years.

This also shows again ,that gun laws do nothing to keep criminals, sociopaths or mentally ill people away from illegaly owning guns and proves again, that people like him will find a way to get guns anyway.

There will always a way around the law for them to own guns.

Change of gun laws will only hurt the lawfull citizens who exercise their second amendment, what is by the way a right and not an entitlement.

My deep condolences to the families, what a tragedy for them on Chrismas eve.

Dan Francis said...

3:53 - surely you failed English in school and especially comprehension classes ... I either stated nor implied anything close to what you claim I stated or implied.

Nice try however. Now, go sober up. BTW: I've love to hear your take on gun shows and no background checks sto walk off with an armload of guns like the shooter in Webster was able to do.

He was a convicted felon (murdered his grandmother and only got 17 years and then a bunch of guns)... and apparently planned this ambush.

Anonymous said...

Juston what the hell are you talking about? I never said I don't' like her. She is a good democrat.
I will say I don't like the cowardly pussya$$ law that is known as the first responder law, that she voted for.

Juston just tell me so I understand your thinking. Suppos someone killed your kid today. How much more time should the guy serve that killed the firemen than the guy that kills your kid?

Anonymous said...

Geeesh Dannie, if he was a convicted felon, then it was already against the law, another felony in fact, for him to get another to do this crime. And your solution is to pass yet another law. Wow. Now that's a sign you were a leader in the secret world of military intelligence. Dannie Bond you be. Another law for a guy who ignored the previous thousand. Brilliant. And you say I'm the one who failed his classes. What course teaches you that more of the same results in a different outcome? Must be some super secret motor pool thing us mortals know nothing about.

Anonymous said...

Dannie, despite your lies, you cannot go to gun shows and buy guns without doing a background check. Please be honest now and then. Credibility, 2013 might be the year to get some. And when you make statements like this you make a fool of yourself.

Go to the Syr Show in April. Attempt to buy and gun and avoid the background check. You will not be able to do it. Is it really worth lying to try to prove a point?

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike' said...

The Numbers will get Gun Control now:

some people think a gun can solve any problem, others recognize that guns to a large degree are creating more problems than they solve, and want 'Gun Control' in America now. The silly talk here aside, Americans are ready to reign in this problem. So blame the MSM if you want, but 80,000,000 million women alone are about to line up against you for starters. How many people belong to the NRA? About 4,000,000. Looks like the NRA types are toast if they fight against ‘Gun Control in America.

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike'

Anonymous said...

The numbers got the Jews too, Mikey. Be very very proud.

I would suggest you keep this hysteria going as long as possible. Even sheep stop to think once in a while. Where will people like you be then?

Anonymous said...

MMM the cliff must have you worried, Dont worry about us.

Anonymous said...

Hey MMM what you say now that ny supplies $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ For the production of assault rifles?????

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike' said...

New York Daily News has 78,000 people signed on petition for stronger 'Gun Control' laws, including Senate Big Wigs. YYYYYEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!


Anyone else here sign?

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike'

Anonymous said...

Wow 78K people signed a petition, including pols must be an election year, MMM are you going to Mr. Bonner's meeting bring the petition there, just try and get some signatures...........

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike' said...

ANON 8:36

You seem to be saying Mr. Bonner's meeting is just a rally, not a meeting looking to encourage a sensible discussion about 'Gun Control' with everyone getting a chance to express their viewpoints.
Is that so? If it is I'd have no interest in attending. I had set time aside for Jan. 4th, but now it seems it wouldn't be worth while to attend if it's just a NRA type rally, with no interest in a sensible discussion about what we can do to promote reasonable 'Gun Control' ideas.

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike'