Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Yo-Johnny Frozen Yogurt

   I don't think the business reporter for the WDT will be covering this grand opening..
Johnny Spezzano, who once dressed as  a woman for a hoax wedding photo, is opening a frozen yogurt shop in the Towne Center plaza outside the City.

     Best wishes to Johnny whose last business venture was a nightclub. This seems a healthier and more wholesome endeavor for the popular local radio personality.
(17) Yo-Johnny Frozen Yogurt


Anonymous said...

uh oh,the frozen yogurt shop didn't work out so well on Seinfeld,cause it wasn't nonfat after all,and pissed off newman and his mailman buddies..

Anonymous said...

Good luck to Johnny and any small business.

Anonymous said...

How'd his last business go? Any monies from the WLDC and JCIDA involved??? Is Ted Ford backing him? Is Randy and Sandy M. going to work there?

JA said...

Went there today it was really good, took the idea from TCBY, I actually think the yogurt at Yo Johnny's is better, more fun flavors. I hope this place does well.