Friday, November 16, 2012

Woman who sparked Petraeus scandal visited White House 3 times in recent months - The Washington Post

        So it seems that Tampa socialite and frantic e-mailer to the high command was at the White House three times in the past year along with her twin sister.
       Jill Kelley is embroiled in the Petraeus scandal and was a serial socializer with top brass at her home not far from the Central Command HQ in Florida.
         Ms. Kelley kicked off the Petraeus probe when she whined to the FBI about e-mails from the Four Star's very hot and sassy girlfriend.
Woman who sparked Petraeus scandal visited White House 3 times in recent months - The Washington Post


Anonymous said...

Watergate, anyone?

Anonymous said...

Watergate doesn't bother me
does your conscience bother you
tell me true...

Zachary Skelly said...

A president coercing the downfall of someone to hide his complicity in the death of under protected Americans overseas, Americans that he put there - somebody's conscience should be bothering them. Sociopathic megalomaniacs don't have consciences though, so Obama probably sleeps quite well.

Anonymous said...

Watergate was farcical. One politician spying on another. They always did it and continue to do it. President Nixon's downfall was not admitting to it. He actually got us out of the stupid Vietnam war that Kennedy and Johnson got us into (to bail out the French, again.)

Obamagate is something else. They knew is was bad and did nothing.

Open the "Gate" and let Barry out!

Dan Francis said...

Watergate - you gots to be shittin' me - not even close.

What's next: check the Keyan's birth certificate one more time; demand his college transcripts; blame him for the 2008 near economic meltdown; say he lied about his race to get into college; or that he is taking us down the road to socialism... yadayada, yap yap, etc.

Give me a break.

Anonymous said...

Barry becomes a senator and never went to a meeting!
Barry created 16 trillion buck in debt in his first year!
Barry gave a way billions to companies who took the money and then went out of business!
Barry did nothing to save four U.S. citizens that included an ambassador!
Never qualified to be a senator and now a president and proves it every day!