Friday, November 16, 2012

Where We Stand In The Senate....Guess Its Up to Me to Explain It

    There is skittishness in the local State Senator's office as the wait is on to see if the GOP holds the majority in the upper house and keeps the extra staffing and member item money that comes with it.
     The GOP stumbled in the election and was stuck at thirty seats in the 63 member body...With two seats needed the party managed to flip newly elected Brooklyn Democrat Simcha Felder and the hope is that George Amedore can win his race in the newly created 46th SD near Albany.  Democrat Cecilia Tkacyzk trails by 54 votes with several thousand paper ballots to count.

      Meanwhile disarray in the Democratic caucus and the meddling of TV big mouth Al Sharpton may have led to the Felder defection as race got added to the equation with Mr. Sharpton trying to hold a meeting in Harlem to plan the new Democratic majority that now may not happen.
Where We Stand In The 46th


Anonymous said...

Why would Patty be 'skittish' about who gets control of the senate? She is irrelevant regardless.

Anonymous said...

The media doesn't report on the treasonous deceptions of our antichrist president and they don't report on our state as it is apt to fall into the hands of Marx again.

The GOP did not stumble in the election, they stumbled while helping to carry the gay marriage cross, which set themselves up to be crucified by a small but significant portion of their base. Thinking they could make up for it by earning the respect and vote of a similar number of libtards was pretty stupid on their part.

Oh well, its fun to play the I'm sure somewhere deep inside, these political losers actually believes gay marriage was the pressing issue that these ousted senators made it out to be. Or did they trade that gay marriage vote for some free$tuff and didn't really care?

Anonymous said...

Your right about Ritchie being irrelavent.. It shouldnt matter what party has the most people elected they are elected to do the job of their constituants.. Posturing and kissing ass shouldnt count..
It appears Rithcie is looking for fresh ass to kiss as she has yet to acomplish anything but betray her home county.. But they love it.. She lied about Starr Rebate and they love it.. She sont help with minimum wage and they love it..At least 32 more count6 workers lost their jobs and they love it.. Dont make sense but they love it anyway..