Saturday, November 10, 2012

WDT: Veterans Day Weekend

     This year Veteran's Day falls on a Sunday, so the day off is Monday. However I will be joining local vets on the 11th at tomorrow's 10AM ceremonies at the VFW on Bellew Avenue.
      Make sure you take time to remember the contributions veterans have and do make.
      Also on Sunday morning there is a kickoff for the Salvation Army kettle drive and at noon on Sunday, the North Side League hosts a fundraiser for victims of Hurricane Sandy.
Watertown Daily Times | Fort Drum leadership recognizes Veterans Day


Anonymous said...

Once again, the mayor that is there is there.

Dan Francis said...

Also, today HAPPY 237 BIRTHDAY, U.S. Marine Corps ... 10 Nov 1775 - present.

Older than the country and stil going strong.

Anonymous said...

Happy Veteran's Day,to those who served and their families.the excellent programs on the History and Military channels really show how our servicemen and women suffered,to make us the greatest nation in the world..

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike' said...

Mayor this might be better placed here MCM

Fox Report piece on Jerry Coleman said he was only Major Leaguer to serve in WW II and Korea, Ted Williams did too. Any others you know of?

Ted Williams while serving in Korea flew as ace Chuck Yeager's (The Right Stuff!) wingman and Yeager thought him to be fearless. Tip hat TW.