Sunday, November 4, 2012

WDT: Three years, $22m north country's congressional races

     Tomorrow Matt Doheny will visit each of Jefferson County's 22 Towns...One for each million dollars various candidates have spent in the past three years of non stop Congressional races since John McHugh quit mid term.
      And the spending hasn't stopped...The final tab will be higher as Mr. Doheny and Rep. Bill Owens make last minute ad buys.
       The North Country is just playing catch up after decades of local yokal races.
Big dollar Congressional races are common. There's a nine million dollar race in a rural district in North Carolina and such things are commonplace.
     Mr. Smith goes to Washington ?
     Not unless Mr. Smith is very rich.
Watertown Daily Times | Three years, $22m north country's congressional races


Anonymous said...

This is the reason why our system is struggling to produce leaders. Frankly, I think both are a major disappointment with all of the hate ads. I am tired of Owens with his island ads, and, Doheny with his fake representation of the common man. Can we vote none of the above?? Truly is a system of the lords leading the serfs.

Anonymous said...

And no sales tax on any of it.

Anonymous said...

Mr smith was an appointed senator just like misandrist gillibrand was appointed as a senator. And the candidates don't have to come up with the 22 million out of their own pocket.