Sunday, November 4, 2012

WDT: Syracuse Mayor Preaches Global Warming in Watertown

     For Democrats, its a good thing Hurricane Sandy came along. It gives them an issue no had mentioned throughout the political season.
     Climate change is the new term for "global warming" and Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner raised the issue last night as she addressed Democrats gathered for their fall dinner. Mayor Miner spoke on a chilly evening in which temperatures dipped below freezing, but it has been a year of unusually warm weather in NNY.
      Dems are under the leadership of newly named county chair Ron Cole.
Rep. Bill Owens also spoke at the dinner at the Italian American Civic Association, which Tuesday night will be hosting the election night party for Congressional challenger Matt Doheny.
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Anonymous said...

The man-made global warming thing has been so thoroughly bebunked that the dems have to cling to something. Hard to deny climate change, since climate changes have occured since the beginning of the planet and will continue to the end when the sun geos nova and ends it all. They are still hoping they can convince you that somehow we humans are responsible for it all and make political hay from it.

Anonymous said...

Agreed 11:27. However, I do believe that people are speeding up the process. We have things, and pollution that was never here before. So,deny that is just ridiculous. Even you must know that. And no, it's not a Dem thing, considering I am not a dem, so whatever whatever. Don't loop me in with the dems, that is a naive thing to do/say