Wednesday, November 28, 2012

WDT: Lewis County Lawmaker Floats Sales Tax Hike

   With Grover Norquist on the wane, everybody is hopping on the hike-your-taxes bandwagon.
   In Lewis County there is discussion about seeking a hike in the local sales tax from 3.75% to 4%. The rationale is the ballooning cost of fund the state retirement system where yesterday's chickens are coming home to roost.
    It will be tough to get state Albany lawmakers to carry the enabling legislation.
     Watertown Daily Times | Lewis legislator floating sales tax hike


Anonymous said...

There is a price to pay when your number one industry is cushy overpaid SUNY jobs. That manufacturing facility pays no property taxes but spends a lot of tax revenue on cushy tax-free retirements.

Anonymous said...

Arent they going to exempt the Administrators from the NYS retirement system? Saving 100K, In Jefferson we added more to the Retirement system with the JCIDA pension fiasco.