Tuesday, November 6, 2012

WDT: GOP Losing Traction in Formerly Red NNY

      In the North Country, the notion of GOP hegemony continues to erode with Barack Obama's strong performance and Rep. Bill Owens running slightly ahead in the Congressional race. In the State Senate race, Patty Ritchie didn't do the numbers party poobahs were predicting but did win easily over Democrat Amy Tresidder.
     There are likely 20,000+ absentee and affidavit ballots in the NY21 race, as we await tonight's numbers.
      Watertown Daily Times | What happens if it's too close to call?


Anonymous said...

To bad with the State Senate going into Democraticly controlled Patty Ritchie is just another PrettyFace.

Anonymous said...

The republican downward spiral all started with Aubertine defeating Ritchie for the Assembly seat in 02. His breakthrough gave hope to the north country democrats and gave them a footprint to model future candidates after.