Utica Club Uncle Sam Stein Presented for My Political Acumen

Utica Club Uncle Sam Stein Presented for My Political Acumen
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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

WDT: Congressional Candidates Vote and Campaign

     The Congressional candidates have voted and only hours after returning from the eastern counties of the 21st, Republican Matt Doheny is back on the road for a last swing around the 12 counties looking for votes in what is thought to be a close race.
      Team Doheny says they own the majority of the 18 thousand absentees so if he leads tonight, he is solid for the paper count.  Turnout is estimated to be over 200,000 and the two thousand vote margin last time equals one percent.
      The district can be divided into three sections....
       St. Lawrence, Franklin and Clinton counties are Owens country and the Congressman needs to leave those counties with at least an 8K lead.  Mr. Doheny has worked hard in the GOP vote-rich new sections near Glens Falls and west to Gloversville. Assuming those votes cancel those up north, Doheny needs to show better than last time in the western counties (now minus Oswego)....Doheny should be looking to win Jefferson and Lewis by a combined total of 4K.....
      The one recent public poll showed the race a tie, but looking at a few districts after nine oclock will quickly show who is performing up to expectations.
      The Doheny posse is looking for a three point win...Team Owens claims its up by seven.   I say Doheny wins 49-47-4.  If so, that's a 4K lead on the machine totals and no one will be conceding till the lawyers tell them to.

        Mary and Matt Doheny vote at the Emma Flower Taylor Fire Station. This is a net gain of one vote for Mr. Doheny as the Mrs. recently registered here after their wedding in June. Mrs. Doheny was previously a resident of NYC.
Watertown Daily Times | Doheny focused


Anonymous said...

I am betting no one wants Doheny to win more than his wife. It will keep the spot light on him and thus his extracurriculars in check. Go Doheny!!

CR said...

Matt I have my fingers crossed. Don't forget the IHOP.

Anonymous said...

Great couple hard workers

just what we need in DC

Anonymous said...

10:18- I actually disagree. In fact, I am not so sure she actually wants him to win. I don't know why. Maybe the lower salary compared to what he used to earn. Or the travel that would be expected of him. But on multiple occasions I got the impression that she wasn't as supportive of Matt's political ambitions as she lets on. We'll see what happens.

Anonymous said...

I agree with 10:18, I think Doheny's wife is probably secretly a little thrilled he lost. Being in the public eye is clearly not her thing, that was evident at every event, so regardless of the money or travel, I think she will rejoice over eliminating all those awkward social moments she's had with voters. I still don't understand why the campaign tried to use her so much...making small talk and giving press interviews are not her strong suit. Oh well. Maybe now they can enjoy married life at least.

Anonymous said...

Save the footballs, examine why the party of NO lost...........News Flash Bobby Ferris was seen jumping off a pile of Matt's Money, What's Jude going to do Now?