Wednesday, November 21, 2012

WDT: Amish baby dies following car-buggy accident

    A nine month old baby died when the Amish buggy she was in was hit by a motorist on a public highway in Lewis County.
     In the name of religious tolerance we continue to allow a clearly unsafe situation to continue. If the 27  year old woman driving the car has an unrestrained child in her car she would be charged with under one of those laws named after somebody.
      Accidents happen but the buggies are dangerous and frankly I am surprised these mishaps don't occur more often.
Watertown Daily Times | Amish baby dies following car-buggy accident


Anonymous said...

Your thinking is right on mayor. Its time to step up and put some old fashioned sense back on our highways.
I wear a handgun and I wear it concealed thats my right but I dont wear it to church or to events or shopping in the mall.. Its my right but my sense tells me not to do these things.. They on the other hand cant have running water in their houses, no toilets etc.. You try it and see what heppens.. Their horses shit over the streets of our communitites yet the lawmakers find excuses not to make them comply with our way of life.. They infest our highways with these black hard to see, unsafe buggys that have very little capability to seeing whats behind them or beside them and no markers so we can see them in dusk or night time..
They need seat belts like us.. They need signal devises like us. They need visional markings like us and they need commons ense like us.. A little sense by our lawmakers could help also. As far as their issuing a ticket to this person its BS and un-necessary

Anonymous said...

They will make more...

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me? Just because the Amish are a small number that could not defend themselves to this blog you say a buggy and a horse are dangerous, but what about pedestrians, runners, bicycles etc. The ultimate green group is not the ones to blame in a in a hurry, texting, very distracted culture maybe we should slow down as a society. Where is MCM on this one?

rick aldrich said...

5:28 ; you are very much right on this topic. Everyday, I see drivers ,who have no respect ,for pedestrians, bicycles, and horses with buggies. 4:48, you are entitled to your opinion, but that is not the answer. Just look around, at the safety features along the roads and highways, but yet, accidents still happen. The true answer, lies with-in the responsibility ,of the offender. Perhaps , if our society adopted ,that the offending party,shall be financially liable to the person/family,suffering a loss, for the the rest of thier life.

Anonymous said...

When it comes to the Amish culture, you know as well as I know
and common sense that allows man to write the necessary laws for our
highways to commute upon as well as
building permits when constructing
a dwelling to quarter human life.
That the Amish Culture has tried for years to evade our responsibilities and obligations under city,town,county lines and state laws due to there religion.
To live without the accomodations is " CHOICE " and by no means does it have anything do with GOD. These people need to live by the very same laws that we live by. Especially when it comes down to the safety and welfare of " ALL CHILDREN "

Left Handed Right Winger said...

This BS gets to the same conclusion as the riders who choose to go helmet-less...the uninsured and the "frequent flyers" that inhabit the emergency rooms of our hospitals.
WE get to pay the bills for their care after it is determined that they can't. I don't have the answer...but I try to be careful as hell around these buggies. I respect their culture/religion but still think that they, as well as the Native Americans, should abide by the laws of the country they live in. If you don't like the rules...get to hell out.

RonS said...

Just put something on the buggy to let me see you before I run over you, your family and your over worked horse. Also, carry insurance incase you do some damage to me, my family and my 296 horses!