Friday, November 16, 2012

Was the Cortland County District Attorney a 70’s porn star? : News :

       I don't think this is an issue in Jefferson County, but in Cortland County the district attorney has just admitted to starring in porn films back in the 1970s....OMG !
       DA Mark Suben held a presser to fess up after TV 3 outed him....Mr Suben had to admit lying to the voters and his family about his previous career.
       In politics, everybody gets so worried about stuff in the past and as you can see in this case, something like this is in small rural county can go unnoticed til someone wants to make an issue of it.
Years Have Taken Their Toll on This Adult Film Star

        Can a man who performed sex acts on camera for money prosecute people for sex crimes ?  That will be the tongue wag of the unctuous.....
        I am more upset that he lied....That's something that is a problem for a prosecutor.
        I wonder if Ron Jeremy showed up in Watertown and ran for DA if the local media would catch on ? Got to remember, they need to disavow knowledge of such things too.
Was the Cortland County District Attorney a 70’s porn star? : News :


Anonymous said...

He didn't say he "starred" in the films, he said he "acted" in them.
Now that everyone has a video camera on their phone...everyone is a porn "star".

Anonymous said...

as I get older I know back in the 70's I would have never done the porn thing. Now in my 50's I wish as I had done something like this it would make great story and line in the nursing home someday.

Anonymous said...

He LIED plain and simple AND as the CHIEF law enforcement officer in that county his credibility is now ZERO , ZIP , ZAP, NADA. His ability to conduct business in an ethical and forthright manner has been compromised

There are other more qualified and more ethically fit individuals who are capable of serving . The county should can this LIAR and hold a special election .

OTHERWISE any semblance of ethical practice in THAT county is a sham .

Anonymous said...

Dear Jeff,
I just learned that one of my friends was an actor in several porn films in the '70's. How do I resist the overwhelming urge to call him Gus next time we meet? Do you have any techniques you use to keep from laughing out loud in someone's face? Please help, I have a million comments bouncing around in my head and I do not think I can keep them contained next time we meet.

Dan Francis said...

It is sick for anyone (media or otherwise) to "out" someone like this after 40 years unless the "act" "outted" is a crime... being a porn "star" seems to me not to fit that bill.

In this day and age, I guess, no one is safe from being outted for whatever best fits the media's agenda ... and that is crap reporting.

Anonymous said...

LOL... sorta looks like Gene Hackman.

Anonymous said...

Outed? If it came out I sold cars when I was thirty would that be considered being outed. Generally elected officials have their work history vetted. Is this now off limits? He was in his thirties. Is the thirties the new teenager. Is it not relevant what he did when he was thirty. He is an elected official he should expect that it would come up.

Anonymous said...

Its not about the past, we all make mistakes when we are young, its about a district attorney not telling the truth, when asked and facing up to his past.
This is what I consider honorable.

A lying attorney is at least questionable in his values and judgements.