Utica Club Uncle Sam Stein Presented for My Political Acumen

Utica Club Uncle Sam Stein Presented for My Political Acumen
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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Warehouse Bidder Fails to Close...Structure Likely to Head Back to Auction

   With today's passing of a deadline to close on the purchase of the former Fort Drum Storage warehouse on West Main Street, City Council will have to decide the building's fate and that likely will be a second auction sometime over the winter.

    Meanwhile the 10% down payment paid by Ruby Williams at the time of the original auction is forfeited..That's $12,500.
      When property is seized for overdue taxes as this one was, an auction is held and the high bidder puts 10% down and must close within 30 days. That didn't happen despite a ten day extension.
      The circumstances around this property were unusual, but sticking with the auction process is best. In the first auction the numbers got run up in a bidding frenzy and a competing bidder told me in a second go around he doesn't see bidding it up that high...Let's find out.

Sale On Hold For Old Fort Drum Storage | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News


Anonymous said...

Put it on ebay and I will bid it up and probably buy it.
I'm not going to read the legal notices to know when to show up on some snowy courthouse steps to bid. That is the city's loss.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, I can’t imagine why someone would forfeit a $12,500 deposit. Unless, of course, a certain party realized the “jig” is finally up and decided to hightail it out of Dodge before the sheriff grabbed their crooked ass.

Anonymous said...

The WDT's article in yesterday's paper regarding this woman was very detailed. Someone was on top of their investigative game.

Anonymous said...

The sherf has nuff grab ass problems already, leave him out of this

Jeff Graham said...

A lot of us were tipped by email on the personal issues including the Florida website listing the warrant.
To their credit the Times did the story while other media passed.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Glenn can get the high bidder back on the show then you can arrest her..............