Friday, November 16, 2012

Voters Catch On. Turnout Dwindles for Essentially Unopposed Races

    Turnout in this Presidential year was reported to be down in Jefferson County and its likely to be much, much lower in the coming years.
     In 2013 and 2014, I don't see a lot of contested races.
    In the 2013 City Council race, it looks to me like the incumbents, Jeff Smith and Teresa Macaluso, will be running unopposed....
    However there are a couple of other possible candidates in the race.   Former  Councilman Jason Burto will likely look at at it, but there is another younger man thinking of  running who came to tell me about his aspirations tonight.
     In 2014, locally the races for Congress, Senate, and Assembly will be unopposed, while statewide the races will essentially be unopposed. Voters can take that year off.



Anonymous said...

Doheny is a quitter?
Hey, if no one else runs he might as well give it a third try. The first race does nto count because it was determined by the board of RINOs, not the voters.

If Doheny doesn't think he can win, he should still run just to punish that despicable guy that voted for Obamacare. Letting him run unopposed would be a sin.

Can you think of any other politicians who were defeated in two elections but went on to get elected?

But Owens is not getting any younger. And without Obama running, the free$tuff voters are not going to turn out as strongly next time around. Plus we are going to be 2 years into the Obama double dip deeper recession caused by Obamacare.

Anonymous said...

Just because Doheny isn't going to run in 2014 doesn't mean Owens will be unopposed. There is a lot of time between now and then and if the economy continues to slide the job could be almost anyone's for the taking (assuming that "anyone" doesn't have enough baggage to fill the entire cargo space of a fleet of jetliners again!)

Dan Francis said...

I am of the firm view that no incumbent should ever run unopposed ... the voters are fickle in many ways: (1) they want the candidate they want regardless of how their Party choosing a candidate "for them," (2) they are very picky about the kind or type of candidate they want to see run (looks, money, status, etc. and not necessary competence or wide range of experience)... in short a pretty shallow view.

City Council members are no different ... they should not run opposed - this city has many problems, but the leadership pool is shallow -- that too is sad the way the many look at anyone willing to run by making the race announcements personal rather than professional ... from my side of the argument.

Anonymous said...

I bet the Mayor is playing devil's advocate, pointing the fact out that no one has thrown their hat in the race, hoping to get someone to actually do it.