Saturday, November 24, 2012

Top Republican senator ditching Norquist anti-tax pledge -

      Is the 20 year old no-tax pledge Grover Norquist and GOP candidates dutifully signed over the years now broken. Senator Saxby Chambliss of Georgia is a major Republican figure to announce he is willing to consider tax hikes as a means of deficit reduction.
     Senator Chambliss says he places the fate of country above a pledge.
     Principles are great to have but signing these pledges is of dubious value. Where has it gotten us ?
      I would hope  people I elect govern using their own judgment and free will. A deal needs to be cut, and getting rid of all these expiring tax rates would go a long way towards ending the endless annual debates over extension.
      For starters get ready for a thousand or two extra in taxes when the "temporary" FICA cut expires. Look for the current federal rates to be held for those under $500K, and some kind of change in capital gains.  Maybe some deductions gotten rid of, but not home mortgage interest..that is sacrosanct for the moment.
       Republican candidates should be able spurn the Norquist pledge in the future, but given the need for big money to run campaigns, candidates will still feel obliged to sign on to policies they don't agree with.
Top Republican senator ditching Norquist anti-tax pledge -


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Anonymous said...

The wording in that pledge leaves much to interpretation.

A better pledge would be to promise not to make the makers pay infinity-squared times more taxes than Danny and his takers.

For instance if we could get Danny to pay just one penny of state tax on his pension it would be a start.

The other 99% needs to be addressed by spending cuts.

Anonymous said...

Patty wont drop nothing.. Shes mindless and dosnt have a clue whats going on around her.. Her betrayal of her home county proves what shes made of.. Because of Senator Ritchie we face double didget tax raise from county level and another hike from our municiplaity.. All because she is signed on for Norquists people..Lets see now.
She opposes gay marraige
She opposes minimum wage hike
She opposes taxes on the richer
She opposes cutting higher positions in colleges
She opposes cutting these worthless authorities and commissions
She opposes the health dept doing their job
She opposes cutting the boondagle prisons in the State.
What in the hell is she for...

Anonymous said...

Democrat,Republican, or Independant. Nothing but different colored rats on the same sinking ship. None of them have the fortitude to do the necesary gutting of the food stamp/welfare programs to save the country from finacial ruin. Don't see any of em putting themselves into the SS retirement system (or self-funded 401's) or putting themsleves on the Obamacare health program either, do you? Worthless pieces of crap, each and every one of them!

Anonymous said...

Why would Republicans want to spurn the Norquist pledge? The only thing better would be if they pledged to cut taxes in half for everyone and cut spending to match the tax revenue.

The 16th amendment was passed so they could income tax rates of 3-5 percent to run a limited government, not so they could confiscate wealth and redistribute it to slackers.

Dan Francis said...

Bowing to the likes of Grover Norquist or Sean Hannity or Flush Limbaugh or Bully O'Lielly, most of FOX, a handful of other RW Talk Show "Hosts", or Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, Ralph Reed, Michele Bachmann, Sad Sack Sarah Palin, and a few other high profilers of that pursuasion (far and extreme right) is the #1 problem for the GOP ...

Call it the HALO effect in full bore. Seems many on the right simply cannot think, discern the facts, or critically think on their own two feet ... must be a flaw in their DNA???

Anonymous said...

Danny Francis,,,, Do you kiss your kids with that mouth?? Do they respect what you stand for??