Friday, November 30, 2012

Tight Senate race lands in court - Times Union

   It's a mini version of Florida 2000 for election law lawyers scrambling to win for their party the very close Senate race in newly created District 46 near Albany. Republican George Amedore leads Democrat Cecilia Tkaczyk by 110 votes with over 800 ballots in limbo due to various challenges as the paper ballots were being opened.
   Most of the objections came from the Republican side, so its expected those votes, many in Democratic Ulster County, could flip the results from election day.
   Lawyers will argue over each ballot, in come cases looking for utility bills to demonstrate if the absentee voter in question really lives where they purport to live.
    If Dems win, they may be able to organize the Senate without renegade Sen-elect Simcha Felder of Brooklyn who has bolted his party in favor of siding with the GOP.
    Dems also have to sweet talk the four member Independent Democratic Caucus in order to have a 32-31 majority in the upper house.
     This will drag on for some time to come.

Tight Senate race lands in court - Times Union


Anonymous said...

You can bet Mikey has utility bills in his name in at least a dozen districts. He just has ACORN pay them.

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike' said...

"Cuomo will soon put to rest ‘Coalition’ silliness:

talk about reinventing the wheel in State Government and you'd be likely to come up with something like, well, a 'Coalition Government' in New York State. A ‘Coalition’ setting the legislative agenda , is that what they are suppose to do in this power sharing 'Coalition' while the two major parties look to them for leadership. This whole idea is intellectually and morally bankrupt and I'll believe it when I see it and I've decided it has zero chances of happening. Not with the big egos in both parties at risk of losing their sense of self-importance.

The important thing to me remains Gov. Cuomo's behind the scenes participation in this. I don't know whether to laugh or cry at the Governor letting this idea gain the momentum it has to date. I'll make a prediction now within two weeks Governor Cuomo will get in front of a camera, and then explain that he in no way will support this ‘Coalition’ and in fact sees a 'Coalition' like the IDC, as a redundancy that's not needed period. Gov. Cuomo will point out that whether it's a Democratic or Republican Majority leader in the Senate he can work with them, but that he can control his own legislative agenda without any help from the IDC; thank you very much.

Mike Flynn "Middle Class Mike'