Monday, November 5, 2012

Third Party Candidates are Hidden and Likely to Have Little Impact

      Third party candidates are not likely to be much of a factor in this year's Presidential race. Candidates for the Green and Libertarian parties will attract votes from those wanting to make a statement on issues like personal freedom, drugs, wars and so on.
       Those voting in New York can make such a statement without worry since NY is so lopsided for President Obama. Those living in a swing state may want to balance the need to make a statement with influencing the end result.
       In any event, those choosing to vote for a third party candidate should not be cowed by convention and statements about "wasting" a vote.
       No vote cast is wasted. It's your property. Do with it as you wish.
In close race, third-party candidates could tilt election


Anonymous said...

If you care which of the two major parties wins, but still vote for a third party, then your vote is wasted.
If you don't care which of the two majors wins and vote for the third party then your vote was spent well, as far as your cares go. But if you don't care which of the two major parties wins then you are a moreeeeee on.

Anonymous said...

Not a dimes worth of difference between the two parties, even locally, It's the party of incumbancy.

Anonymous said...

Not a dimes worth of difference...but there is a $16 trillion difference.

Anonymous said...

" Democracy is when two wolfes and sheep decide what to have for Dinner"

I think Benjamin Franklin says it and that summs it up to what democracy kapitalistic stile has come too.

And in US we have to Wolfes, who think out spending money for elections is a real Democracy.

The sheeple by the way where eaten long ago.